The Incremental Yes for Extraordinary Success

Over the holidays, several people told me that they didn’t have big goals set for the upcoming year. They were “waiting” to see what happened.

Waiting because it’s been a tough year, waiting because they don’t know what the future holds, and possibly, waiting because they are afraid to do the wrong thing.

I get it, 2020 has been a challenging year for many. But, it has also been an extraordinary year for others.

Those who look back at the year and count all the ways that 2020 went well, didn’t wait. They chose to do something instead.2021 new year goal, plan, action. Flat lay composition office desk with laptop and calendar. to do list.

This approach to waiting got me thinking, what if there was a different way? What if instead of goal setting, you approached 2021 with “commitment setting.”

What if you went all in on you, and what you can control every single day?

You can not control external factors, but you have tremendous control over your own behaviour.

What if you looked at 2021 as a grand experiment to commit to becoming the greatest version of you, by practicing something new, or behaving in a different way, every single day for 365 days?

What would be possible?

What would happen if you…

  • Wrote 500 words a day for that book you’ve always wanted to write?
  • Published a podcast every single day for a year?
  • Did a Facebook live to share what you know every day?
  • Wrote a stellar article on LinkedIn every day?
  • Walked twice as many steps as you did this year?
  • Drank 64 ounces of water every single day?

These are all things you have tremendous control over. They are simple, albeit they are not easy. Each goal, on its own, has the power to transform your life in some way, if you really committed.

I’ve decided to build an accountability community. $365 per person, for 365 incremental yeses.

You show up daily, and you report in on whether or not you did what you said you would do. You get one hall pass per month, and if you skip out more than 3 times in one month, you’re out of the community.

I recently went live on Facebook and spoke more about this idea.

There is power in being part of a community that is connected to support each other toward the achievement of goals.

It’s not easy, but it’s doable.

Look at this. Jim and Sam did it, even when it was really hard.

I believe you can do it too.

If this community is something you’d like to participate in, click here to register.


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