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Small Teams Make a Big Impact

If your business employs one to five employees you know what it means to juggle many hats and the significant impact each person plays on your bottom line.

When you run, manage, or work for a small company, every person’s contribution makes a big impact because they are not one of hundreds or thousands of other employees. They are one of only a handful.

A single missed email, typo, forgotten task or other mistake can feel more like a mountain than a molehill and juggling it all sometimes gets overwhelming. At times it may feel like you have a lot on your plate and that you are juggling many plates at once.

You should know that this is normal. It’s part of being a start up company that is in growth mode and is a sign that it will soon be time to grow your team as well.

Unlike with larger companies, one of the best things about a small company is that the good is just as noticeable as the bad. It is easier to single out and thank people for their hard work, dedication and loyalty. And, if you are a small business owner or manager it is an imperative part of your job to be sure you do so.

Celebrate your team's successes - it encourages them to do more for your #business. Share on X

They will feel appreciated and are more willing to take on extra projects and tasks when your business needs an extra set of helping hands.

This kind of thing will have a tremendous impact on your ability to grow.

If your team is struggling with time and self management, here are some tips that can help with their day-to-day prioritization.

  1. Email is never the top priority.
  2. Delivering value for clients so you can retain their business is everyone’s top priority.

Sometimes these two things conflict and you feel like you have to drop everything to respond to an email.

You don’t.

Email is a communication tool. You should check it 3-4 times a day to scan and see if there are any urgent requests and then file and mark tasks that need to be completed for your clients and the business. (Click Here for more info on email management)

Share this post with your team, no matter how big or small. Then, help them to understand their impact on the business. By doing so you will help them to view the business as theirs, not just yours and they will be motivated to do and achieve more for that business.

Then tell me – How do you encourage your team?


1 thought on “Small Teams Make a Big Impact”

  1. Great blog Lisa~
    This really resonates for me this week. I have had to address a few employee errors while utilizing as teaching tool. On the other hand, I am preparing an employee review. Prioritization is instrumental in my biz, so I like employee management focus/priorities.
    Love the click to tweet tool, sweet!
    Make it a great day.

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