Three Ways You are Sabotaging Your Success

When the going gets tough, do you hide, shut down and rationalize? Or, do you dig in and do what it takes to turn things around?

The vast majority of people will hide, become complacent or do the bare minimum required. This is often so that they can rationalize how hard they tried when defending why they didn’t reach their goals.

Do you recognize yourself here?

The Tendency to Hide

You really want something in your life. Maybe it’s a relationship, to be healthy, or to have a booming business. Deep inside you fear that if you try you might fail. One day you decide what you want is more important than hiding, so you come out for a moment.

You try something, maybe it’s a dating site, a weight loss program or you start your business. And then, nothing happens.

No prince charming, no Jennifer Anniston arms and no call from Shark Tank.

Instead of sitting back and figuring out the next way you will attack this thing, you stop. Not only do you stop, you hide. You put away your dream in a safe container and it pulls at your heart every day but instead of risking the pain again, you stay hidden.

Hiding sucks.

The Tendency to be Complacent

You read a book and think, “I want to be an author, too!” You go to an event and see a speaker who has a charismatic personality and think, “I could be that way… if only I were given the chance.”

You are motivated in the moment and then the second you step aside, you fail to take any action. Instead fear and complacency creeps in.

Sure, you’ve got a good book in you but you lack the personal self-discipline to write a chapter outline. You want to speak but you can’t find your voice to introduce yourself to the speaker who inspired you.

You don’t even try. When you don’t even try, you don’t have to worry about failing because nothing happens.

Imagine if babies didn’t try to walk? And, what would happen if they stopped trying even after they fell down?

Complacency is a dream stealer.

You will never know what worked, and what didn’t if you don't give yourself the chance to try. Share on X

Complacency is like melted ice cream, not much fun for anyone.

The Tendency to do the Bare Minimum

You want to start an online business; so you roll up your sleeves and create a plan. That plan includes blogging, emailing your list and using social media.

You blog every other week.

You mail your list every other week.

You post one boring thing on your Facebook page each day.

You are doing the absolute bare minimum, the risk-free stuff so that you can say, “I tried.” It’s so much safer to “try” than to be someone who is daring greatly.

Everyone has these tendencies.

You and I both know people who take ridiculous amounts of action every day and wonder where they get their energy from.

Let me tell you because you are no different from them. You have a dream, a brain, desire and the same 24 hours as they do.

This is what they did:

They stopped hiding.

They gave up being complacent. And, when they found the bare minimum didn’t work, they took ridiculous amounts of action.

Let’s Inspire Each Other to Action

I want to hear from you in the comments – do you sabotage your own success or have you found ways to stay the course? If you’ve mastered the art of succeeding without sabotaging your efforts, leave your helpful advice below. You just never know who might read this and feel inspired by your action steps!

If you’re feeling like a little more accountability might be needed, consider joining my Pilot To Profit Success System – in addition to the weekly self-led modules, we have a VERY active closed Facebook group for members of the program. You’ll be inspired by the group, as well as being led by me through your challenges, and your business will soar as a result.



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