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Pruning Your Priorities

I’m in Newport, Rhode Island this week hanging out at the lovely Castle Hill Inn. It’s one of my favourite places to go. It’s on the water, it’s beautiful, and the service is outstanding. Rumour has it the employees look the guests up on social media and study what they look like and memorize your name so everywhere you go, you feel like everyone knows you. It’s very impressive the little details that they take into account.

Speaking of details, it’s almost the end of June.  In a couple of days, the first six months of 2018 will be done.  I have one big question for you to ask yourself:

Are you on track?

Are you where you expected to be halfway through the year?hope-house-press-127593-unsplash

While my sales are on track, this past week, Cassy on my team sent me my priority list – all 20 items that I had earmarked as being “important” for us to complete this year.

Twenty items, can you believe that? How is it possible that I thought I could do all of this stuff at the start of this year?

We all overestimate what we can do in a short period of time, and greatly underestimate what we can do over a much longer period.

Let me tell you the problem with 20 incomplete priorities going into the last six months of 2018:

Too many priorities fragment your focus, which creates distraction and overwhelm, and when that happens, analysis paralysis sets in and nothing gets done.

Nothing gets done unless you decide to do what I did and prune your priorities.

Nothing gets done until you prune your #priorities. Share on X

Here’s your assignment this week:

1) Make a list of everything you want to accomplish by the end of this year.

2) Assess the list and then order each priority in terms of its importance.

3) Prune as many priorities as you can and create a manageable list you can focus on executing.

I cut my list down, I permanently crossed out some priorities, I moved some to 2019 and I got clear on what matters most for this year.  When you do that, you create significantly more energy and focus and have a much better chance of finishing what you set out to do.

Leave a comment and let me know, how many items were you able to remove from this year’s list? How do you feel having a much clearer focus for the rest of the year?


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