The Problem With Free Discovery Calls

The Problem With Free Discovery Calls

What’s the problem with free discovery calls?

Some people would argue that discovery calls are the best way to build and grow your business. If you’re a business coach or you own a business, chances are you’ve had a conversation with a coach at some point in your life.

The problem with free discovery calls is that when you sign up for one, you both have different intentions.

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When a business coach offers a free discovery call, the goal is to gain clients. The person who has signed up for the free discovery call is hoping to get a sense of what it would be like to work with this coach, and likely looking for some free coaching.

I used to do free discovery calls, and I have stopped. There are a lot of people who sign up over and over again for free discovery calls, and all they’re doing is looking for free coaching.

They’re tire kickers.

They go from coach to coach, never investing in working with any of them. There are all kinds of coaches that are spending hours doing free discovery calls and can’t understand why it doesn’t often translate into paying customers.

Why Free Is Too Expensive is a blog I wrote that is all about not giving away what you offer for free in attempt to gain paying customers.

Let’s break it down:

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When you sign up to do a free discovery call with a coach, you’re not fully committed to the outcome because you don’t have anything invested in that call. You could be on the phone with somebody and they could give you the best advice of your whole entire life and you’re not going to take it seriously because it didn’t cost you a dime.

When you don’t invest any money into that advice, you don’t look at it as being impactful in your business.

You might be thinking to yourself – well then how do potential clients know that they want to work with me?

Here’s what I do: I offer people a one time significantly discounted coaching call with me.

That’s right, getting paid to coach them. That way, they walk away understanding the value of what I’ve told them. Not to mention, they have a complete understanding of what it would be like to work with me. If they do choose to continue working with me, I use that initial payment as a credit towards their total.

If you used my method, you would show up at that call without the intention of trying to sell them, because it’s been worth your time. You’d know they are serious about their business and you can show up on that call ready to do what you do best, coach.

People who do those initial calls with me usually leave saying, “Okay, so can you tell me more? What are your programs? What are your packages? This was really awesome. I want more.

They’ve invested in themselves.

They have taken the advice and insight seriously, and now they can decide whether they want this experience on an ongoing basis or not. When the energy is about converting somebody into a customer versus serving, supporting, and helping somebody – you don’t show up the way you would if you were getting paid to do what you do well.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you do, or participate in free discovery calls. What are your expectations from that call?


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  1. BEST practise AGAIN – LOVE this advice ! Makes so much sense how you do coahcing discounted first session then if a person signs up for coaching you credit them back. Then on customer side – be clear what you are looking for, prepared to do the work and affordability . Thanks Lisa !!

  2. Thinking a lot about this lately. I do free discovery calls but perhaps it is time to do them at a discounted price. What would be an appropriate discount for a discovery call? 50% off the hourly rate?

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