Plan for the Unexpected 1

Plan for the Unexpected

While driving back to Nova Scotia from Florida, we were delayed by construction. The delay had us driving our little red car very slowly beside a tractor trailer. My husband turned and asked me, “Is that the truck making that noise?” and then I heard it.

While we were hoping the noise we were hearing was coming from the truck next to us, it was not. It was our car.

We were driving a Porsche Boxster and if you know anything about those cars, two problems immediately come to mind:

1) Not everyone knows how to work on them.

2) The engine is in the middle of the car, under the seats (not super convenient).

We got to our destination in Middletown, NY and although the noise had stopped, we used Google to try and troubleshoot the problem.

Who am I kidding…my husband did this while I caught up on work!neonbrand-716631-unsplash

After watching numerous videos and reading about the sound we heard, he determined that we needed to have the car serviced before we kept on going.

The next morning he called Middletown Auto Repair, fully expecting to be told that a) they didn’t work on Porsche’s and or b) that we would need to wait because they were fully booked.

To our amazement, they were friendly, supportive, experienced at working on our car, and able to make room for us that morning.

To make a long story short, they repaired the car, overnight shipped a part they didn’t have in stock, and the owner gave us four bottles of water for our trip and requested that we text message him personally when we got back to Canada so that he knew we arrived safely.

This is a great example of excellent local service and a business that plans for the unexpected.

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What about you and your business?

Do you plan for the unexpected? Do you expect one of your regular clients to need you when you’re the busiest? Are you leaving time in your day to respond to emails and social media so that your clients know they are important?

Or are you letting “busy-ness” get in the way of delivering the unexpected value that will delight and surprise your customers?

Leave me a comment and let me know, how do you deliver exceptional and unexpected service to your customers?


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