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One Crazy Simple Way To Create More Success In Business

This topic may not be very sexy, but it is really important and you need to know this 1 crazy, simple way to create more success in your business.

The unsexy truth about success is that preparedness means everything.

When I do a strategy session with a new client I send them an intake form. That intake form has one hundred questions. Questions about them and their business – about their skills, their goals, their beliefs, what they aspire to, the types of books they read, how they’ve impacted their life, the types of programs they’ve taken. It is a really in-depth questionnaire.

The reason that I send them this really in-depth questionnaire is because when we do our strategy session we have a set amount of time. If I were to spend time to asking them all of those questions it would take all of the time in the strategy session just to get through that.

By sending them a questionnaire in advance it allows me to get deeper background on what their goals and objectives are prior to our session. It also allows them to prepare in advance for the outcomes they want to achieve by working together.

Have you ever been in line at the airport getting ready to go through security and the person in front of you has a pair of scissors, an open bottle of water and they can’t find their passport? They’re holding the line up because they’ve got all this stuff that practically everyone else in the world knows you can’t bring through in your bag and they don’t have their identification. You’re standing there shaking your head thinking, “What is wrong with this person?”

Well, this person is ill-prepared. And, because they are ill prepared they are eating up time from your life.

Think about that in business.

When you are ill prepared for what you are doing I guarantee you are going to fail.

When I’m ill prepared for marketing an event, or launching a program, or doing a Facebook ad I’m not going to get bums in seats at that event, or sell a program, or have a successful ad campaign.

When you prepare, you shift the energy of the results in both your life and your business Share on X

Are you taking the time to prepare? Preparation is only one part of it. The other part of this one crazy, simple way to create more success in your business is to take action. If you prepare and then take action, that is where the magic happens.

Leave a comment and let me know what you’re doing to implement this simple way to create more success in your business.


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