Merry Christmas Eve

Lisa Larter Merry ChristmasIt’s Christmas Eve and before you completely check out for the holidays I wanted to say something to you.

Christmas is the time of year that brings people together. It is a time when I reflect back over the last year and spend a lot of time being grateful for my life.

When I think about the things I am grateful for, money cannot buy any of them. I am grateful for my health because without my health it would be hard to have the life I do.

I am grateful for my family because even though we may not always agree, they are always there for me. I am especially grateful for my Mom whose love is 100% unconditional.

I am grateful for my amazing husband because he makes me smile and laugh every day. He takes care of me when I need someone to be there, and listens to all my crazy ideas and dreams without judgement.

I am grateful for my friends and the time I get to spend with them. Friends are like adding spices to a meal – the meal would be really bland and boring without them. That’s how I feel about my friends. I cherish them.

I am grateful for my team because there is no way I could do all of this on my own. They show up every day and work their butts off to make a difference for this business and our customers. I am grateful for them every day, not just today.

I am grateful to my clients and those who choose to work with me in different capacities. I am grateful for the lessons they teach me, and for the mirror they reflect back in my life. I learn so much from my clients and feel blessed by all of them.

I am grateful to you for being part of this community and allowing me to share what I think matters on a regular basis. Thank you for being here. I know you have a choice as to who you allow to show up and communicate with you on a regular basis.

Life is precious and the one thing I have learned is money is great but the things that matter most in life cannot be bought. This holiday season, I want to wish you love, happiness, acceptance and an abundance of good health.

May you be surrounded by people who love you and make memories that last a lifetime.

Much love,



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