Live Your Best Day

April 10, 2013 was the Live Your Best Day event in Ottawa and one of the most inspiring days of my life. The following morning, as I sat at the  Brookstreet Hotel, I found myself very overwhelmed with gratitude for my life, my community, and mostly for my dear friend Samantha Moonsammy

On Feb 28th, Samantha and I heard a rumour that Oprah was coming to town and we immediately knew we had to do something to celebrate Oprah coming to Canada’s Capital.

lybd-audienceWe thought it would be nice to do something to give back and celebrate our love for Oprah and her message. That something was the first ever, Live Your Best Day event.

The room was packed with close to 400 people. We had speakers from Toronto, Ottawa and Kansas who generously donated money to help us make this happen. We had sponsors (mostly local) who donated time, money and their services to help us pull of a spectacular day.

Later, as I sat in my room reflecting on Oprah’s message from the previous night, I began reading all the comments we received from people who attended our event, and I had tears of joy running down my face that we did this.

lybdSamantha and I got to meet Oprah that night at “An Evening With Oprah”. We both had our picture taken with her and we even got one with Oprah’s arms tightly holding onto both of us celebrating Live Your Best Day. She knew about our event, rumour had it she even peeked into the room during our event (she was at the Hotel) to see what we were doing so I knew she saw the crowd and felt the love.

One thing that resonated above all else with me from her performance that night is this: You were born for a reason.

There is a purpose that only you can follow by listening to the whispers you hear deep inside. When you listen to the whispers, it is not one action, but many linking together that will help you live a life of greatness. This life of greatness is compounded when you serve others and use your purpose to create a life of good.

May you have a blessed and bold day, and take time to listen to those whispers.

Much Love,
Lisa Larter



Please enjoy all the great video, images and more from the Live Your Best Day event in Ottawa, celebrating An Evening With Oprah!




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