I Was Afraid…

I’ve been thinking about fear a lot lately.

Fear can immobilize you and stop you from doing the very thing you want to do.

People tell me that I exude confidence and courage, but the truth is, I have had (and still do) my fair share of fear.

Fear that quitting my job to become an entrepreneur was the wrong decision.

Fear that moving to Nova Scotia would hurt my business.

Fear that being sick would cost me clients.

Fear that my book will be a big flop.

Fear that telling you about my auto-immune disease would make you perceive me as weak or attention seeking.

Fear that when I launch a new program no one will buy.

Fear that when people buy my program they won’t think it’s good.

Fear that if I hold a big live event, no one will show up.

What about you? What are you afraid of that is making you play small? What fears do you have that you have not given voice to? What fears are silently eating away at you inside?

For me, stating my fear, looking at it and talking about it to others, helps me turn that fear into fuel to take action. When you own your fear – when you look at it and decide to act anyway – you diminish your fears. The more you diminish your fears, the stronger your self confidence gets.

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That does not mean fear goes away. What it means is you become consciously competent around how to manage your fears and how to turn them into actions that lead to what you really want.

I wanted to quit my job and take control of my life and income.

I wanted to move to Nova Scotia and live in a place that makes my heart sing.

I had to share that I live with an auto-immune disease because anything less than that makes me inauthentic and that I cannot live with.

I had to fight through my fear to finish and submit my final manuscript for Pilot To Profit because my fear was holding me back from my goal of being published.

I could go on and on but I think you get it.

When your reason for wanting something is greater than your fear, you will act. Share on X

The first step is to look at your fear. Acknowledge it, share it and then figure out what is on the other side of it. Because when you look at the beautiful opportunity waiting on the other side of fear, you realize that your fear is not rational and that if you take action, you can have exactly what you want.

Please join me in my private Facebook community – share one of your fears with us, and the actions you will take to minimize that fear and maximize your opportunities, or leave me a comment below. State your fear, own it, move past it, enjoy the rewards on the other side of your fear!



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