How Would You Rate Your Service? Black and white photo of a do-not-disturb sing on a hotel door

How Would You Rate Your Service?

They ignored my do-not-disturb sign, and I’m so glad the hotel staff did!

I was in Austin last week for an event, and the day after my arrival, I received a text from the hotel where I was staying.

It said, “Just checking in! On a scale of 1-10 (10 being ‘I love it here!)’, how would you rate your visit so far?”

I replied and said, “8. I wish there was a coffee maker in my room.”

They replied and said, “Would you like to have one? I would be more than happy to send one to your room!”

I said, “That would be great. I get up early and would like coffee before the coffee shop opens. My do-not-disturb sign is on the door, but someone can go in and leave it. Thank you.”

They replied, “No problem, I will have housekeeping place one in your room.”

When I eventually returned to my room, there was a coffee maker and coffee for me to use.

I have stayed at a lot of hotels over the years for business, and it is exceptionally rare for someone to text you to check in on your stay. It’s even rarer for them to agree to go into your room with a do-not-disturb sign and deliver what you need to make your stay better.

This is one thing the Hotel Van Zandt did in Austin to make my customer experience better.

The other thing they did was let my colleague and I have a second drink during happy hour because only one of us received the happy hour chips for a free drink when we checked in.

Why does this matter?

Because this hotel empowers its team members to make decisions to make their customers enjoy their experience. In today’s world, a customer’s experience matters when they are asking for a reasonable expectation.

What about you?

When was the last time you checked to see how someone’s experience was thus far?

When was the last time you curated a list of potential problems and empowered your team to make decisions to make it right?

The world of AI is fiercely upon us, and the one thing it won’t do is replace human judgment. When you teach your team to do things to make your customer experience the priority, you will retain and delight customers.

Start now.

Want to discuss how I can help you with this?

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Customer experience is a key differentiator in your business. Are you different, or are you boring and the same as everyone else?


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