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Rapid Response: A new way to serve clients

I never expected my husband receiving treatment for a bug bite to make me realize how much customer service has changed and what being customer-centric means today.

A couple of weeks ago, we spent a week up in Georgia. While we were there, my husband was bitten by a bug. We are not sure exactly what it was. What started off as a normal-looking semi-itchy bug bite soon became very large, swollen, and inflamed. Instead of getting better each day, it appeared to get worse.

When it didn’t show any signs of improving after five days, I suggested he make a doctor’s appointment. We both have virtual access to primary care doctors back home, so he emailed his before we left for our evening plans. We were meeting friends for dinner and drinks at our club.

While we were at the club having a drink, his doctor texted him. Over the next few minutes, my husband shared photos of the bug bite and described his symptoms. The doctor also had a few questions that my husband answered.

Then, the doctor prescribed antibiotics, sent the prescription to our local pharmacy, and accepted payment for the care ($99, in case you’re wondering), all via text.

This is a great example of a service provider making it easy and fast for someone to get the help they need.  

We hear a lot these days about a shortage of doctors and lack of care. I hear it especially from my Canadian friends. This experience made me wonder, “What would happen if everyone adopted this speed of care?”

The doctor didn’t need to see him in person or even speak to him. My husband was out at a club having a beer and received the care he needed while doing something we had planned with friends.

Too often in business, we make things far more complicated than they need to be. A great example is coaching services, where you have monthly calls for an hour instead of a rapid response service like this.

Technology can make it easier and faster for you to solve your client’s problems. The question is: Are you willing to consider adopting a way that is different from what you’re doing right now?

Ten years ago, we wouldn’t have considered this to be an acceptable way to receive care. However, today, it’s supremely patient-focused and efficient.

What are you doing in your business that requires an overhaul to better serve your buyers?


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