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Bet On You In Vegas With Me

When was the last time you took time away to experience new ideas and new thinking and focused on growing in a way that really stretched you?

When was the last time you took a risk and did something intentional to bet on yourself or your business? What about the last time you left the comfort zone of your Zoom bubble to interact with other like-minded people, face to face, belly to belly, and heart to heart?

If you’re like many entrepreneurs I know, it’s been too long.

Attending events has been a core strategy I have employed in my business growth and development for over a decade. I am a big fan of putting myself in rooms with new people, learning new things, and giving myself the creative space to think and grow.

I am also shy. In the days before I travel, the story I tell myself is I should stay home. However, once I transcend the discomfort, I have zero regrets because every single time, something magical happens.

Sometimes, you meet new people who become friends, clients, or collaborators. Other times, you come up with creative ideas that allow your business to grow exponentially. And then there are times when the magic is in the connection and how your soul feels from having the experience.

In March of 2025, I am hosting an intimate event in Las Vegas, coupled with the start of March Madness

The focus of this event will be on growth, and the experience will be all about luxury and fun.

This will be an intimate event (limited to 10 people) where you will spend time…

1. Harnessing your marketing to elevate your brand, clarify your messaging, and position you and your business the right way.  We’ll dive into foundational strategies and look at how AI can help you with your marketing.

2. Identifying sales conversion strategies that will allow you to sell more with ease, which may mean talking about pricing and how to raise your fees, too. Too many people feel awkward and uncomfortable when it comes to selling, and it doesn’t need to be that way. You’ll walk away with strategies to sell without being salesy, all rooted in providing exceptional value for your buyers.

3. Building a team (no one does it alone), whether that be employees, freelancers, or contractors who can help you increase the overall performance of your business. We will dissect how the teams playing in March Madness win/lose and advance and apply insights to business.

Finally, there will be open floor discussions (otherwise known as a human generative parking lot of ideas and topics all participants bring to the table) on big dreams you want to achieve or burning issues you want to resolve with speed.

In 2025, I committed to attending 9 events myself. One of the reasons many clients work with me privately is because they value and respect how much time and money I invest in my own growth. I love to learn and, more importantly, share what I learn with others.

Interested in attending this event? 

Click here to download dates, details, and investment. If you have questions or would like to claim one of the 10 spots, email me at

The best investment and bet you’ll ever make in life is the one you bet on yourself.


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