Pride, Eddy, & Your Alter Ego Basketball Team All Putting Their Hands Together in a Huddle Proud of Their Efforts

Pride Changes Your Game

Pride Changes Your Game

Imagine, for the first time in history, your team finally makes it to March Madness, and you are paired against the top team in the nation.

This is what happened to the Stetson Hatters from Deland, Florida (very close to where I live) when they played against the UConn Huskies from Storrs, Connecticut, widely expected to win the entire tournament.

During the first half, the Hatters team played like an unorganized high school team in over its heads. They lacked coordination and struggled to score a basket, and by halftime, UConn was leading them 52-19.

But then, something changed after halftime. While they didn’t win the game, UConn only outscored them 39-33 in the second half.

That’s a two-basket margin versus the eleven three-point-basket margin they had over them during the first half. That is a 80% improvement in their performance after being beat down by a number one seeded team.

This is a lesson in leadership.

During halftime, their coach wrote down one word.


He encouraged them to stick together and acknowledged that just being there was a win for this team.

Their coach inspired them to give it their best regardless of how they were feeling and play in a way they could be proud of. He said, “My biggest thing with them was it’s going to be how we finish today, and we’re going to be proud when we walk off this floor.”

And proud they should be.

They rallied together and played exceptionally well.

What about you?

When you feel like you’re losing in your business and feel as though there are so many other businesses that are far superior in how they do things, do you let it get to you, or do you dig deep down inside and leave the day feeling proud of your best efforts?

My experience over the years has shown me that many entrepreneurs get stuck in a rut of excuses instead of a plethora of options.

The next time you’re questioning whether you’ve got what it takes, I encourage you to think about these young men who have not even finished college yet. Ask yourself, “Can I pull it together after such a public and embarrassing start to my own game and finish strong?”

I bet you can.


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