How to Master the Art of Selling


Do you find yourself struggling to close sales?

Thousands of business owners feel exactly the same way about selling and this topic has even been known to cause some major anxiety because it is so often misunderstood.

The truth is, selling doesn’t have to be scary, or painful, or filled with anxiety because there is an art to selling and you CAN learn how to do this. <—Click to Tweet This

Some of the most important elements to sales are having a good framework and understanding the basics of selling. But, even more importantly, you have to do the work.

I’m reading the book Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell right now and it created a big ah-ha moment for me.

The book talks about how to truly be successful you must have completed 10,000 hours of work in your field of expertise.

Have you put in 10,000 hours working in sales?

Once you do this you will find that selling comes naturally to you and is one of the easiest parts of your business.

If you are struggling with sales in your business it is most likely because you haven’t put in the hours. I want to help you do that and become the best salesperson you can. So, feel free to borrow some of what I’ve learned as I share my four simple sales tips that will help maximize your sales opportunities whether online, in-person, over the phone, etc.

Watch this week’s Shop Talk video then tell me – What was your first sales job? Mine was selling things I made at the flea market at the ripe old age of twelve!

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