How to Create a STOP Doing List

How to Create a STOP Doing List

As an overachiever I love a good To Do List.

In fact, I make to do lists and then I celebrate by crossing things off my to do list in a pretty coloured marker. At the end of the day, if there is something left on my to do list, I can’t leave it there. It has to go on a brand new to do list for the next day.

I keep to do lists on my iPhone. Everything from grocery lists and supply lists to people to contact or reply to lists. You name it, I can make a good “do something with this information” kind of list.

You may be a list person too, or maybe the thought of a to do list makes you feel squirmy and uncomfortable. Who knows, it doesn’t really matter…except for one thing.

What are you doing that you should put on your Stop Doing List?

Recently, my husband and I moved to Nova Scotia. We marvel at how easily we fall asleep now and what a great sleep we have. Because we are going to be spending half our time here, we decided to upgrade our cable TV to satellite so we have better channels and HD. And, if we are adding satellite, we thought we may as well get a second receiver and add a television to our bedroom too, right?

Not so fast.

TV directly before bed just went on my stop doing list because I realized that the reason we have such a good sleep is we don’t fall asleep immediately after watching the news.

What needs to go on YOUR stop doing list?

How about checking Facebook 64 times a day?

Don’t laugh. If you grab that smartphone and check Facebook 3 or 4 times an hour, that’s 64 times a day assuming you sleep for 8 hours. Do you need to put stop checking Facebook impulsively on your list?

Email? Do you need to stop checking it every five minutes?

Sugar? Do you need to stop eating it when you are bored?

TV? Do you need to stop watching certain programs or the news right before bed?

There are certain things we do over and over again because of a habit we have developed and I am asking you to examine those habits and ask yourself…

“What do you need to stop doing in order to make more time for the things that serve you in a bigger and more powerful way?” <—Click to Tweet

If you check Facebook 64 times a day for example, and you are on there for approximately two minutes each time, that is over two hours a day on Facebook.

Maybe you don’t have time to read, exercise, or spend time with your friends. If you stop doing some of that “stuff” that eats up your time, you can find time to do the things that matter and will improve your life.

Every year as I plan for the upcoming year, it has become a habit for me to identify 3 key priorities, and to take a close look at what things I need to stop doing.

This year, my stop doing list is a critical part of planning.


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  1. Great article, Lisa!
    That question, “What do I need to stop doing?” Gets right to the heart of our unconscious actions. Things that we are doing that go against our inner values (or sometimes, sabotage our efforts).
    The first thing that came to mind for me is saving & spending money according to my values and priorities – saving up for things rather than paying them off after purchase. We always pay all our expenses on time and never keep a credit balance, but what a difference it would make to me if I were to switch this small thing around! I’d feel less anxious, more in control, proud of myself, inspired to keep doing it…
    Time to stop!

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