Giving Thanks

This coming weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada and I am headed to Haliburton tomorrow to spend it with my Mom. Every year around Thanksgiving I start to really think about all the things I am grateful for in my life and I wanted to acknowledge you.

You let me show up in your inbox multiple times each week to share my message and I want you to know I appreciate it.

Sometimes people ask me if it is really me when I respond to a reply from one of these newsletters and yes, it is me. I value and respect our communication, and I also respect that you have a choice as to who you invite to share with you and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that.

This Thanksgiving know that I am thankful for you! As a special thank you, I am giving you the Video Creation Formula Bonus Webinar absolutely free, no strings attached, even if you didn’t sign up for the series. Just enter your email below and you’ll get an email with a link to go watch it. It’s that simple.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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