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Episode 60

Closing Million Dollar Deals with LaJuanna Russell

From $500 to 8-Figures in Government Contracting

LaJuanna Russell began her journey with only a $500 investment and has now turned that into an 8-million-dollar business! (Yes, you read that right!) In this discussion, she debunks the stigma of needing to be big to get bigger, addresses what credentials you need to pursue any passion, and shares how she experienced imposter syndrome until she realized that she was already qualified without a piece of paper confirming what she already knew.

If you’ve ever considered a business opportunity but talked yourself out of it because it was “too much,” then you’re listening to the right episode. LaJuanna took on Government Contracting and is not only climbing—she is thriving! Anything is possible and she is living proof of what you can obtain if you have the patience and perseverance to get there!

What’s in This Episode

  • Why formal training doesn’t eliminate imposter syndrome 
  • Why wealth isn’t the requirement for success
  • The challenges of working in government 
  • Recognize the difference between a “pipe dream” and a “pipeline”
  • How to properly price bigger projects 
  • The problem with “guiding” instead of “leading”

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Where to Find LaJuanna Russell

You can connect with LaJuanna on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or her website. And, don’t forget to check her out on Twitter!

Up Next

Next week for episode 61, Lisa Larter shares the secret to fast-tracking your way to a million dollars with mentors!

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