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I Want to Help You Generate an Extra $100,000 in Your Business

Become part of this exclusive and growing community of entrepreneurs committed to learning and executing business strategies that positively impact your sales, marketing, and overall business operations.
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It’s Hard to Make Progress in Your Business When You Don’t Have a Clearly Defined Strategy to Guide You Towards Reaching Your Big Goals and Dreams

As a business owner, you wear dozens of different hats to keep the business going.

It can feel like non-stop chaos.

When you’re in the middle of that chaos, it’s easy for you to become distracted from taking much-needed time to strategically plan the direction of your business and your next move.

When you keep bouncing from one urgent to-do to another, you’re not getting the traction in your business you want—or need.

You wish you “had more time” to work on your business because what really makes you thrive is learning and seeing all that is possible for you.

“If I Can Get Myself Organized”
"I Need to Work Harder"
Are Lies

How many times have you heard yourself say, “If I could just get organized I’d be successful” or “I’ll start waking up earlier so I can get more done”?

And then the alarm goes off and you realize you’re exhausted. While you might be able to sustain early mornings for a couple of days, we both know working all the time is not sustainable—or desirable.

It’s the perfect storm for you to burn out.

You know there’s got to be a better way.

And there is…

The Solution to Your Business Woes—Prioritizing What Matters Most in Your Business. That’s What We Do Inside The Strategy Lab.

The Strategy Lab Logo
The Strategy Lab is comprised of 3 things: Community, Online Learning, and Quarterly Strategic Planning.
  • Every quarter you’ll attend a live planning sprint where you can reset, reprioritize, and plan your strategy for the upcoming 90 days. These quarterly planning sprints, where we dive into sales, marketing and numbers, are led by me, Lisa Larter.
  • You’ll get to know a community of like-minded, generous entrepreneurs with businesses ranging in size from start-up to multiple 7-figures where you can ask any business question and get clear, actionable answers from the community rapidly.
  • Each month you’re invited to two monthly learning labs which are live online workshops curated from topics that are relevant to helping you grow and make your business more profitable. These learning labs are then stored in the lab for easy access anytime you need them.
  • You’ll find many resources inside The Strategy Lab available to you on demand.
  • Online DIY courses where you can continue investing in your growth.
  • Monthly member-led sessions where you can benefit from your peers’ expertise.
  • You’ll be regularly given the opportunity to cast your vote on topics you want to know more about in The Lab.
  • The Strategy Lab is a place where you can celebrate your wins and your progress with the community.
  • All of these regular touchpoints and the active community make it easy for you to prioritize taking the time you need to work on your business so that you can reach your goals.
Go from
I Don’t Know What I Should Start on First
I Know Exactly What To Do Next and How To Do It
  • Get clarity on your business goals
  • Answers to your perplexing business challenges
  • A supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners from under 100K to multiple 7-figures
  • Accountability to keep you on track
  • A destination, a strategy to get there, and the know-how to execute
What would that be worth to you?
The Annual Investment in The Strategy Lab:
$5,000 Per person. Per year.
Secure Checkout. Prices are in Canadian dollars.
Here’s What You Get with The Strategy Lab
Be part of an exclusive community of business owners. Our founding members are...
  • People who are new entrepreneurs and those who have been running their business for decades
  • Retail bricks and mortar shop owners, online retailers, service-based businesses, coaches, consultants, and more
  • Owners of businesses with sales spanning from under 100K to multiple 7-figures
  • People who are smart, generous, engaged, and supportive of one another
Quarterly planning sprints
  • You’ll receive guided pre-work to plan for the upcoming quarter
  • You’ll spend focused time thinking big and breaking down how to execute small
  • You’ll build a strategy for the year, set priorities for the quarter, create monthly milestones for achievement, and a set of daily tasks to execute and reach your goals
  • You’ll learn the importance of regular brain dumps, prioritization of your big ideas, and how to put some things on the back burner for now
  • You’ll participate in breakout sessions with your colleagues which will challenge you to think bigger and to overcome any obstacles or excuses that might be holding you back
Accountability on your goals and priorities
  • After the quarterly planning sprint, you are invited to share your quarterly goals with the community
  • Every week you’re invited to celebrate your wins and progress towards your quarterly goal
Get your business questions answered by me and the community
  • If and when you get stuck, this is the space where you can ask for help and you’ll get it
  • Monthly learning labs provide you with a peer-led discussion and an opportunity to ask me questions
Monthly learning labs available to you in The Lab already include topics such as:
  • Rocks, Pebble, Sand: The art of strategically looking at what you sell and how to best organize what you offer to maximize your results
  • Pricing for Profit: How to get super clear around what to charge for what you offer so a profit is guaranteed
  • Podcasting: What you need to consider to get started
  • Scaling Your Business: How to think differently for massive growth
  • Rapid Content Creation: Take the pain out of regular content creation, and instead learn to do it quickly and effectively
  • Weekly Planning: How to break down your week to get the most done, without sacrificing your sleep!
  • How to A.C.E Your List Building: Attract, convert and engage with people on your mailing list with greater success
  • How to write copy that connects and converts
Self-led training modules on topics you can use
  • The Sales Pilot will guide you so selling becomes easier
  • The Make Back Lab will show you how to make back your investment in this program
  • The Content Runway so you never run out of something to say on social media again
Opportunity to teach on a topic of your expertise (but only if you want)
  • Members have volunteered to teach:
    • Creating video content to attract your ideal buyer
    • Website performance and SEO
    • How to overcome procrastination
    • Hiring and training new team members for success
    • Tracking visitors to your website and what it means
    • How to prepare to sell your business
Repository of work that grows and builds into an entire library
  • Every month the library of resources grows through the monthly learning labs and member-led learning

Time commitment to transform your business?About 1 hour a week.

The Strategy Lab Founding Members Say This

“The Strategy Lab is a no-brainer investment. Every session will provide you with valuable insights into your business to give you a superior competitive advantage.

“For example, during only one session I had the following realizations:

  1. I don’t need to wait to raise my fees.
  2. I need to change my workflow and reduce my labor intensity.
  3. My fee structure is not clear. I have fees for both the high-end and low-end, but nothing in the middle. If a client starts on the low-end, they would have to cross the Grand Canyon for the high-end. I need a middle ground.”
Ed Tate, CSP

“When I think of a coach, I think of someone—

  • With business skills
  • With knowledge and insight
  • Who has a way about her that really forces you to want to change
  • Who demonstrates her own growth…

“While I am not sure of many who can say they have been with the same coach for a decade, I can.

“As a community, we’ve grown and seen dramatic results in our companies because we have grown with Lisa. This program goes to show just how impactful and powerful community is and business skills are.”

Patty Searl
The Annual Investment in The Strategy Lab:
$5,000 Per person. Per year.
Secure Checkout. Prices are in Canadian dollars.

This Is What Makes The Strategy Lab Different from Other Member Programs

Most people create online programs so they can walk away and make money while they sleep.

They want to keep their customers at arm’s length and they’re really only engaged when they’re selling the program.

In The Strategy Lab, the opposite is true.

I bring people closer. I engage. I feel a sense of responsibility for the results they get.

And I celebrate the successes they achieve in their businesses.

Lisa Larter - The Strategy Lab - Photo of Lisa later in a white blazer

And Just Because I Like to Be Really Different— Make Back Your Investment with the Make Back Lab

The Make Back Lab is there especially for you.

You’ll find business ideas to help you grab the low-hanging fruit and quickly make back your investment for joining The Strategy Lab.

The Strategy Lab Logo

Join other entrepreneurs from start-up to multiple 7-figures

Reset, reprioritize, and plan your strategy every quarter

Ask your most perplexing business questions and get clear, actionable answers

Live online workshops on topics to help you make your business more profitable

Resources and replays that are available on demand

The opportunity to cast your vote on topics you want to dive deeper into

A place to celebrate your wins and your progress with the community

The Annual Investment in The Strategy Lab:
$5,000 Per person. Per year.
Secure Checkout. Prices are in Canadian dollars.

Have Questions? Here’s the Answers!

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, when you join The Strategy Lab, you pay an upfront fee for the year. If, for any reason, you do not wish to renew your membership, you can opt out.
How long are the Learning Labs?
You should set aside 90 minutes for each Learning Lab. The first 15 minutes is for networking, the next 60 minutes is for the lab itself, and the remaining 15 minutes are open for Q&A. The labs are all recorded so you can view them at a later time if you are unable to join us live.
How long are the Planning Sprints?
Every Planning Sprint is 3 hours in length and requires you to spend about an hour prepping in advance. For the fourth quarter Planning Sprint, where we focus on the upcoming year, we allocate a total of 4 hours. The more prep work you do for each Planning Sprint, the more effective the session and your results for the quarter will be.
Do I get access to recordings?
All Learning Labs and Planning Sprints are recorded so you can review and ask questions around your schedule. Recordings are typically posted inside The Strategy Lab within 24 hours.
Still have burning questions that aren’t answered? Contact us here.

If You Implement Everything in The Strategy Lab, You Can Reach and Exceed Your Biggest Business Goals

As a business owner, you have a need for consistent and ongoing learning and accountability to complete the work that will move your business forward.

But it’s hard to grow alone and hold yourself accountable.

When you’re part of The Strategy Lab community, you get to participate in quarterly planning sprints to help you reset and get back on track. You’ll pick your key priorities for the upcoming 90 days, get feedback from break-out groups, and update your progress through an accountability check-in.

As well, every month you get to participate in two Learning Labs—one planned to support a quarterly theme and one created based on the needs of the community—where you get to ask and get answers to your trickiest business questions.

Topics include:
  • Strategy for business growth
  • Generating sales
  • Marketing deep dives on what’s working right now
  • Critical thinking to diagnose business priorities
  • Hiring, team building and culture formation
  • Pricing products and services for profit
  • Confidence around selling
  • Lead generation strategies
  • Operational and system priorities to consider when you grow
  • The KPIs to track in your business to measure your growth and progress
You’ll always have access to a library of resources and training materials that provide value for many years to come, for as long as you’re a member—all designed so you can achieve a total transformation in your business.

This Program Is For You If…

  • You aspire to gain greater clarity and control over how you run your business
  • You crave a community of smart, generous, like-minded people
  • You’re dedicated to learning and growth for the long haul
  • You want a list of priorities and to make the most important one your greatest focus
  • You want to create a plan to grow your business and you’re ready to do the work to make that happen
  • You’re not afraid to ask questions or to offer to help someone else that has one
  • You know exactly where you want to go next and you want the guidance, support and structure you need to get there
The Annual Investment in The Strategy Lab:
$5,000 Per person. Per year.
Secure Checkout. Prices are in Canadian dollars.