Clubhouse Explained: The New Hot Social Media App

Are you on Clubhouse yet?

Clubhouse is a new social networking platform – but it’s not really a social networking platform… It’s a little bit of an enigma. An anomaly from all of the other platforms. And, I really like it.

 Let me tell you why.

1. An audio-only platform. 

On Clubhouse, you don’t need to post pictures of your dog or share your most recent blog. The only thing you can do on Clubhouse is share your voice. This removes the barrier of needing to care about what you look like when you want to go live.

Technology can trip you up and prevent you from starting. It’s easy to worry about your background, lighting, hair, the bags under your eyes, etc. When you’re insecure about the visual side of things, it can stop you from doing.

Clubhouse eliminates the visual component, making it a lot more accessible for you.

Personally, I don’t have a lot of time to manage another social media platform. What I love about Clubhouse is I do not feel the need to show up every day. I can show up on my time, I can schedule conversations according to my calendar and I can invite people that I want to have those conversations with. And, I feel like there’s a lot of freedom and flexibility in terms of how you use the platform!

2. A collaborative platform.

Clubhouse allows you to schedule a room in advance or you can click the “Go Live” button at any time.

You can invite a colleague or a client to come on stage and have a conversation with you and, while the audience is listening, they can raise their hand and ask questions, too.

If you think about Facebook Live or LinkedIn Live, people typically write questions in the comments. On Clubhouse, someone in the audience can raise their hand, and you can choose to bring them up on stage to ask a question, and then put them back in the audience after.

It’s a lot like a public speaking stage, without the actual video interfacing.

3. A fireside chat. 

I think Clubhouse has the potential to be a great “after the show” kind of thing.

Let’s think about podcasting, for example. Imagine you are listening to Tim Ferriss interview Seth Godin, and you just love, love, love the podcast. Imagine, if on that podcast, Tim Ferriss said, “Hey guys, Friday at 5:00 p.m. EST, Seth and I will be hosting a fireside chat for 30 minutes on Clubhouse – join us and ask your burning questions.”

Isn’t that an amazing way to be able to engage with your audience further?

So, if you believe in relational marketing, if you believe in building relationships and bringing people closer to you through conversation, Clubhouse is a platform you may want to check out.

If you believe in #RelationalMarketing, if you believe in building relationships and bringing people closer to you through conversation, #Clubhouse is a platform you may want to check out. Read more: Click To Tweet

I’ve hosted a few Clubhouse rooms now, and most of the time, it’s been a small group of people. But, as a result of the conversation, both my Instagram and my Clubhouse following has grown. When I spoke about my free offer on my website or when I mentioned the pilot project, people go and sign up for my free offer. I’m reaching a small, but new audience on Clubhouse as people jump in and out of rooms to listen to what is going on.

If you’re comfortable speaking and having conversations with people, and if you have a lot of expertise on a topic and you’re comfortable with people asking you questions live, this is a tremendous way for you to showcase your talent.

How to join Clubhouse.

BERLIN, GERMANY - JANUARY 29, 2021: Close up to app of new audio conferencing platform Clubhouse on the screen of an iPhone 7 Plus with personalized background.

Currently, Clubhouse is only available for Apple users – it’s not available on Android. So, if you have an Android, you’re going to have to wait.

And, if you want to join Clubhouse, you need an invitation.

Don’t have an invitation, don’t worry! Start by registering and reserving your name. Because of the way Clubhouse works, someone who knows you will get notified if you’re in line waiting, and they can bring you to the front of the line.

I think Clubhouse is a winner and I think a lot of people are going to show up and use it. And, there might be opportunities there for you, too. 

Do you have specific questions about Clubhouse? Let me know in the comments, below – I’m happy to answer them!

And, maybe you’ll see me posting a little Clubhouse invite for you to join, in the next little while.


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