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Be Like Rory: Why You Should Celebrate Your Colleagues’ Wins

If you watched the Masters on the weekend, chances are you saw Rory McIlroy hit his golf ball out of a bunker and sink it on his final green of the day. This feat put him in second place behind the winner, Scottie Scheffler.

What you may have missed was the split-second shot of him (shown on TV) cheering when Morikawa did the exact same thing to secure the third spot.

This wasn’t a made-for-TV moment—this was a snapshot of a human being who is at the top of his game and can still cheer for and celebrate his competition.

Why does celebrating someone’s win matter?

In business, there are too many of us with a win/lose attitude. We need more business owners to be like Rory and to cheer and celebrate when our colleagues win.

There are too many people who do the opposite and it’s not helpful, useful, or needed.

When a client or colleague of mine has their best month, biggest deal, or best year in sales and profits ever, I celebrate them.

I celebrate them because I know how hard it is to accomplish these goals. It takes time, effort, commitment, and dedication to excellence to make it happen.

Be am inspired by their work, and aspire to do what they did. Learn from them, don’t pick out their faults.

I am inspired by the success of others, and I aspire to do what they did. I want to learn from them, not pick out their faults. Share on X

When my past client, dear friend and colleague, Sigrun, had a 7-figure launch, I cheered her on and celebrated with her. I was thoroughly happy for her in so many ways. What she did was remarkable and I have mad respect for her commitment to excellence.

Not jealous, competitive, or demeaning.

Because of this, I am supportive, encouraging, and cheering because when we see people we know, like, and trust do amazing things, it only means one thing…

It’s possible for us too.

Instead of spending unnecessary energy nitpicking and tearing people down, celebrate their wins. You need to be happy for them.

Be like Rory, the world needs more sincere people who are legitimately happy about your success. Do more and be one of those people.

Tell me how you encourage and celebrate the people who succeed in your life. 


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