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Episode 157

Ask Me Anything With Richard Citrin

From Wiener Dogs to Dropping Out of High School to Going into Business 100% for Myself 

This edition of Ask Me Anything was such a blast to do with my new podcasting BFF, Richard Citrin.

Richard, if you don’t remember from my previous episode with him, helps people successfully navigate the inevitable happenings of life. Whether they are wins or failures, he helps his clients learn essential lessons and see opportunities for growth. 

Richard’s study of resilience and leadership, along with his many years as a psychologist, business entrepreneur, and corporate healthcare leader, prepared him to advise and support global and local corporate and nonprofit organizations, educators, medical professionals, and individuals to find their most extraordinary talents and use them for their success and to better the world. 

Richard did an excellent job preparing a balance of personal and business questions for this Ask Me Anything. This episode is sure to be as much fun to listen to as it was to record! 

It starts off with a bang as we discuss how I discovered my love for weiner dogs, why I dropped out of high school, and how I decided to fully bet on myself and go all-in with my own business.

Resilient from the Very Start 

I have no idea why my kindergarten teacher said this to my mom, but she said, “You could put Lisa out in the world by herself right now, and she would survive.” I have this innate resilience to just figure stuff out when I want to do something or don’t want to do something. That trait was present when I was 5, and it really showed itself again when I needed to start working at 18. Another example was when I wanted to open my first Telus dealership and further my career. That figure-it-out-no-matter-what attitude is really what makes or breaks an entrepreneur. 

Art: The 1 Credit Keeping Me from a High School Diploma 

For the longest time, I thought I wasn’t creative because the one credit I never took to finish high school was art. It’s not that I’m not creative. I call creativity strategy. Strategy is about figuring out the best way to shorten the distance to help somebody get to where they want to be. I see how to position and package someone’s potential and bring it to life for them. 

Is AI a Threat to Creative Businesses? 

Richard asks about how I expect AI to affect business and entrepreneurs. As someone who has adopted a few AI programs already into my business, I believe that AI is not going away, but it will not replace human connection or human creativity. AI is only as useful as the prompts and guidance someone gives the program. Plus, just as we all got Zoom fatigue during and after the pandemic, we’re still going to crave human connection, creativity, and guidance that AI will never replace. 

This was such a fun and valuable episode! Give it a listen, and be sure to subscribe and share. 

What’s in This Episode

  • How Lisa came to be obsessed with dachshunds 
  • Why Lisa dropped out of school and her start in retail
  • Lisa’s successful career in business, including owning a Telus dealership
  • Creativity as strategy and its value in entrepreneurship
  • Why Lisa started She Talks Business 

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Where To Find Richard 

You can find Richard at his website, Facebook, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), and Youtube.

Ask Me Anything Lisa Larter

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