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Episode 155

Strengthen Your Resilience Muscle

It’s Hardwired Into You.

If you’ve ever felt defeated, like you shouldn’t have even started your business or taken on that project, or maybe you just can’t get over grief in your personal life, then you need to listen to this week’s special guest, Richard Citrin, an expert on resilience.

Richard views and talks about resilience in a way I hadn’t considered before, where resilience isn’t a skill to acquire but rather a muscle all of us already possess. We discuss how to practice growing this resilience muscle and how to overcome and prepare for those challenging situations life inevitably throws at us.

Richard Citron is a psychologist, business entrepreneur, and corporate healthcare leader with a PhD and an MBA. He helps people successfully navigate challenging seasons in their lives. Richard helps his clients learn the essential lessons and opportunities for growth in wins or failures in their lives. Richard’s study of resilience and leadership prepared him to advise and support global and local, corporate and nonprofit organizations, educators, medical professionals, and individuals to find their most extraordinary talents and use them for their success and to better the world.

The 4 Components of Resilience 

When considering resilience in terms of human behavior and how we address stressful situations,  Richard considers it our ability to effectively plan for, navigate successfully in real-time, and bounce forward from challenging and difficult events, so we learn and grow from them. 

Practical Tips to Do More Than Survive

Richard and his wife lost two adult children in a relatively short timeframe, so they know personally what it’s like to face grief and embrace resilience. Richard’s advice when it comes to feeling like you’re only surviving is to embrace your community and get professional help. Let your friends, family, and everyone else in your support system help you and don’t isolate yourself. Getting professional help, such as therapy, will also help you understand your mental state more and help you move toward a healthier, manageable balance of emotions. 

The silver bullet for resilience and overcoming extreme emotions is mindset, Richard says. Prepare for adversity by having a positive mindset and intentionally spending time doing what makes you happy. 

I am so grateful to Richard and his wife for overcoming their tragedy and finding ways to help others deal with tragedies and challenges in their own lives. If this episode was insightful and eye-opening to you, please leave us a review and share it with those who may need it right now.

What’s in This Episode

  • Anticipating and preparing for triggers
  • Handling overwhelming life changes
  • Surviving as a critical aspect of resilience
  • Community and professional support
  • Importance of mindset

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Where To Find Richard

You can find Richard at his website, Facebook, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), and Youtube

Find Richard’s resilience tools and resources on his website.

Up Next 

Next week, I’ll be sitting and chatting with Richard Citrin.

Books mentioned in this episode

Grab a copy of Richard’s book, Strategy-Driven Leadership, and his wife’s books, Warrior Mother and The Art of Grieving

Strengthen Your Resilience Muscle with Richard Citrin

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