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Episode 148

Applying Human Design to Your Business

Your Business Doesn’t Have to Suck the Energy Out of You

Exhausted from running your business? You’re not alone. Successful entrepreneur, Jamie Palmer, discovered Human Design and transformed her work.

Curious how?

This week on She Talks Business, we explore Human Design, a tool that can help you build a fulfilling business based on your unique design. Learn how this empowers strategic decisions and builds a business that truly works for you.

Ready to ditch burnout? Let’s go!

What Is Human Design?

Ever heard someone ask if you’ve “done your HD”?

Human Design is a system for understanding yourself. It uses your birth date to create a chart that reveals your type (how you interact with the world), profile (the persona you project), strengths (centers), and energy levels (gates and channels).

This can help you discover ideal work environments, who you collaborate best with, and even if you’re wired for multitasking or methodical work. You only need your birth date, time, and location to get your free chart and insights.

How Does It Help You?

Human Design can help you break societal expectations and live a more fulfilling life. By understanding your unique energy type through a chart, you can discover what you’re naturally here to do. This can be especially helpful in business, where you’re often bombarded with advice on how to be successful. It can help you identify your most effective strategies based on your strengths and weaknesses. The key is to take action on the insights you gain from your chart.

Approaching Human Design in Business

It is often used as a basic personality test, but it goes much deeper than that.

Jamie’s approach focuses on practical applications. She uses real-life examples to educate people on how it can inform business decisions. This includes business models, offers, launch strategies, and marketing.

By understanding your Human Design type, you can discover what strategies actually work best for you. Ultimately, the goal is to empower people to make their own business decisions and not blindly follow generic advice.

This isn’t about generic advice—it’s about understanding YOU and what works best for your natural design. Ready to stop hustling and start thriving? Check out Jamie’s website to grab your free Human Design chart and explore more resources to help you design the business of your dreams. You can also get a copy of Jamie’s book Human Design For Business free by using the code SHETALKSBUSINESS.

What’s in This Episode

  • Embracing change in business
  • Human design for business owners
  • Building a business with a purpose

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Applying Human Design to Your Business

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