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Episode 144

My Take on Million Dollar Weekend

A Valuable Resource for All Business Owners

This week on She Talks Business, you’ll hear a new type of episode called My Take. These episodes are my opinion on things I am reading and find interesting. You’ll listen to what I liked about what I was reading, and then I’ll give you my take on it. This first episode is fascinating because it features Noah Kagan’s new book, Million Dollar Weekend.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I went into reading it with curiosity and walked away feeling excited. In this episode, I discuss my take on 14 different things from the book, and the topics below are the top ones.

Frequent Excuses

At the beginning of this book, I liked that Noah shared a list of frequently made-up excuses. When you read this list of excuses, you’ll see at least one in yourself, if not multiple. What Noah does, however, is he lays out a clear path for you on how to overcome those excuses. This was an intelligent way to start this book because he then links the excuse to where he would overcome it later, giving you the specific chapter where he would do that.

The Simple Start

The second thing I liked about this book is that Noah shares “The Simple Start.” This is when you 1. Find a problem, 2. Solve the problem, and 3. Validate your idea without spending any money. Why I liked this so much… Because people usually think about an idea that they believe will make them money rather than thinking about their buyer and the problem that they can solve. I’ve also seen people spend thousands on an idea, perfecting something before they even know if they have a buyer. If you can validate your idea, meaning someone will buy it, you know whether it is viable for a business. Noah helps you put this into action by giving you shortcuts to sell through emails, messages, and simple ways to get your idea out there and get someone to spend money without you needing to.

You don’t have a business if you don’t have a customer.

FREE Stuff—At The Start

In Million Dollar Weekend, Noah gives you a free journal, scripts, templates, and more, all at You’re getting this additional value, and it’s being offered to you at the very start of the book. This isn’t a new concept; most people do this with their books, but they’re not intentional about it and put it at the end of the book. Did you know that most people don’t read past chapter two? Having these resources at the beginning and referring to them throughout the book makes the experience more fun and interesting because it’s interactive.

The Challenges

Throughout this book, you’re given challenges that make you uncomfortable. Gradually, they become more and more challenging, putting you outside your comfort zone. Noah is doing this because when you have a business, there are things you need to do to have something worth growing and paying you how you want to be paid. You have to get used to rejection. You have to build your courage and resilience because then you can pretty much do anything. 

Proof Of Concept

This was discussed above, but it’s crucial to understand: 

  • If you can’t get the first dollar, you might not have a viable business idea. 
  • If you’re unwilling to ask people to be your customer to get the first $1,000 in 48 hours, you might not have the courage to be an entrepreneur. 
  • If you’re spending a ton of money at the start before you even have any customers, chances are you’re a perfectionist and are stuck in insecurity.

Your great idea is dying a slow death because you’re afraid. Stop being scared of what people think because the worst thing that could happen is someone saying no. 

The One Minute Business Plan

Noah does this thing called “The One Minute Business Plan,” where you can determine if your idea is a million-dollar opportunity. He gets you to look at Google Trends, market size, product cost, and total value and gives you the formula to calculate whether it is a million-dollar idea. Then, he gets you to calculate $1,000,000 by your profit per unit sold so that you know how many customers you need. When you simplify your pricing, you know exactly what you need from a sales and profit perspective. 

I Made It, and I Still Feel Like Shit.

Anyone who has reached feeling like they’ve “made it” has probably experienced this. You started your business to have more freedom and ended up creating a job for yourself; you’ve put yourself in a box. That will kill your spirit. Make a list of what you want for every aspect of your life and put it somewhere you can see to keep sight of what will make you happy. There is no point in growing a successful business if it isn’t bringing you joy.

That’s my take, folks! I highly recommend reading Million Dollar Weekend. If you enjoyed this episode, let me know. If you purchase this book, tag myself and Noah on Instagram to share that you bought it because you heard me talk about it.

What’s in This Episode

  • Retaining existing customers and gaining referrals is crucial for business growth.
  • Asking for help and embracing generosity in business relationships to foster success.
  • Aligning your life goals and using visual reminders for personal and professional growth.

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My Take on Million Dollar Weekend

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