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Episode 105

Your Mindset is NOT the Problem

Debunking the myth that mindset is at the root of your financial struggles

We’ve all been told that our mindset is the problem when it comes to money, but what if I told you that was a lie? 

Consider this: if you wanted to learn how to fly a plane but had no idea how, would you think that your mindset was the issue? Of course not! You’d recognize that you simply have a skill deficit and would hire someone to teach you how to fly.

The same goes for money. Your mindset around money is not fixed, and it can evolve and change. Stop using your money mindset as an excuse to not create wealth and financial independence. 

When you understand how money works, your mindset is no longer a problem. And let me tell you, learning these skills is not only possible but essential to achieving financial freedom. 

Join me in this episode as we explore the truth about your money mindset and how to develop the skills necessary to create financial abundance in your life and business.

What’s in This Episode

  • Why mindset is NOT the problem when it comes to money
  • Flying a plane to illustrate the concept of skill deficit
  • How mindset can change and evolve

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Up Next

Come back for episode 106 where we will discuss seven important things that small business owners should know about money with an emphasis on understanding cash flow and differentiating it from profit, which is just one of several metrics that matter. Understanding these concepts can help you make better financial decisions and avoid stress and pressure!

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