You Cant Compare How to Create a Powerful Brand

You Can’t Compare: How to Create a Powerful Brand

Recently, a client of mine asked me for some advice related to video content and YouTube. They referenced how my other client, Alan Weiss, does things. My advice to them was pretty clear… You can’t compare.

Alan Weiss began creating YouTube content 14 years ago. He has thousands of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views. His reach is far and wide compared to anyone who is starting today which means you can’t compare to him.

The strength of an established brand is more powerful than searchable titles, keyword-rich descriptions, and compelling visual thumbnails because once you have an established brand with wide visibility, people stop looking for the topic of the video you created because they are looking for you.

In other words, Alan doesn’t need to follow 2022 best practices to be found online because he is already established.

But you, my friend, are not… Yet.

People who already have a large following don't need to follow best practices to be found online. However, if you are not established, you do. Share on X

And, if you’re not established and you’re trying to create a powerful brand over the next decade or so, use the resources available to you to fast track your reach and visibility.

Here’s what I mean…

1. Use titles on blogs, podcasts, and videos that are clear, not clever.

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While clever copy is fun and I love a good word nerd, clever is not what people are searching for when they ask Google to help them solve a problem.

2) Use rich keyword descriptions when you write to reinforce the topic you’re writing about.

While I am not an SEO expert, I do understand the power of words and how keyword-rich copy can help people find you. Think about your own habits when it comes to search—you type things into Google to find answers to problems. Google matches your query with the words that are written on web pages. If your words don’t match the query, you don’t get found—it’s that simple.

3) Use all the “stuff.”

What I mean by “stuff” is set up your profile on your blog, upload your image to Gravitar if your photo doesn’t show up when you post on comment online, add your social media URLS to your website footer, and ensure all of your social media channels are nicely branded and point to your website.

When you create content and publish it on your website or social media, all of this stuff helps people connect more deeply with you and demonstrates that you’re savvy enough to set things up the right way.

4) Use what you know and do it regularly.

Experts create a body of work around their expertise and then they share that expertise through their website, their mailing list, and on their social media channels. If you only produce content (written or video) once in a blue moon, you’re not visible enough. If you only mail to your list when you need to sell something, you’re missing the critical step of creating value for others and you’ll never be someone like Alan Weiss.

Experts create a body of work around their expertise and then they share that expertise through their website, their mailing list, and on their social media channels. Share on X

Alan recently celebrated his 76th birthday at the Rainbow Room in NYC with a crowd of family, friends, and colleagues. He blogs daily, has a podcast, has a YouTube channel, and releases at least one book a year (one coming soon with me!) and best of all, he produces all of his own content. That’s right, there are no ghostwriters blogging for him, it’s 100% his expertise.

If you want to compare to someone like Alan, don’t compare to his contrarian and often clever language—compare to his consistent ability to show up and add value for others. That’s the only way you’ll end up with a brand as strong as his.

 What makes your business stand out from the rest? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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