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Winning in the Last Innings

Let’s talk sports for a minute; do you watch baseball?

Throughout the 9 innings in a baseball game, they keep track of the stats very carefully.

You always know how many runs each team has, how many people are on base, how many strikes, how many balls, and so on. You know exactly what’s happening at every single inning throughout the game.

A little while ago during a Baltimore vs Toronto game, the score was 9-0 going into the 9th inning. How do you think that felt? Probably pretty lousy. The truth is, they would’ve had to have bases loaded, hit a home run 2 times during that inning PLUS get another run in that inning just to tie with the Jays.

I was recently at a Toronto Blue Jays game and going into one of the final innings, they were down by 2 runs. In the last inning, they caught up and then went into overtime. The Jays ended up winning.

Where am I going with this?

In your business, you have 12 innings. Each month is an inning in your business. If you’re not keeping score of where you’re at along the way, you don’t have a chance at winning the game.

Do you know what August means? It means we are past the halfway mark. You’ve got 5 months left to make this year what you want it to be. 5 months – 5 innings.

Are you behind in the game, or are you winning?

If you’re behind in the game, you need to get your strategy in place so you can finish the year off where you wanted to be. Being behind in the 12th inning of your business makes it almost impossible for you to catch up.

It’s August. You’ve still got 5 months to do something amazing in your business.

Here’s what you need to do:

First, you need to be tracking the metrics in your business, figure out where your sales are right now in comparison to where they need to be and compared to where they were last year. You need to sort that out, and you need to know at any given time whether you are ahead or behind in terms of achieving your sales goals. If you’re operating your business in the dark, you have no way of getting to where you want by the end of the game.

Next, you’ve got to figure out what you need to do over the next 5 months in order to achieve the goal that you’ve set. Often people say, “Oh, well 6 or 7 months of the year’s already gone by so it’s too late for me.” They decide not to do anything and then say, “I’ll do it next year.”

That behavior will get you the exact same results next year, too. It’s when you’re behind, and you actually muster up the drive and the resilience to go out there and make it happen that something changes in your business.

You change instead of waiting for it to be easy, you actually change your behavior and do something. If you go after it with this fierceness, it changes who you are as a business owner.

I am constantly asking myself what I can do to up my game throughout the year.  What can I do to serve my clients better? How can I get more people into my group coaching program in September and get more people to come to my event in October?

I’m trying to figure out how to show up and be the best version of myself as a business owner, and you should be too.

It’s not too late. You’ve still got 5 innings left.

I love taking action, and I love watching people take action.

When I work with a client, they are always held accountable for what they say and plan to do. I have a program called Profit Pods, which is a 12-month group-coaching program. The amazing thing about Profit Pods is that people are ALWAYS taking massive action. They do because they have they invested in themselves. Not to mention they’ve got me (bossy pants) and a group of other entrepreneurs to hold them accountable.

My next round of Profit Pods starts in September, so if you want to take 12-months of massive action and have your best year yet you can check it out here:!

For now – take 5 minutes; plan your next few months.

Stop doing the same old stuff that's not getting you the #results that you want. Share on X

Figure out what you can do differently in order to move your business forward, and finish this year off strong so that you’re proud of the results that you got.

It’s not too late. You get to choose how you spend your time today, and every day – choose properly.

Leave me a comment and tell me something you’re going to do as a result of reading this that will move your business forward. Take action, do something, win 2016.


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