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The Wrong Strategy

Are You Playing a Game or Crafting a Strategy?

After arriving in Chicago last week, I had an experience that got me thinking about how much of an impact strategy has on a business. When I landed at the airport, I headed outside to grab a taxi to take me to my hotel.

Surprisingly, there was no one in line so, I was able to get into a car right away. The driver didn’t get out of the car, didn’t open the trunk and I had to place my suitcase on the back seat next to where I was sitting. The vibe wasn’t great.

A Game of Chance

When I told the driver where I was going, he stopped the car immediately, got out and spoke to the person who manages the line, grabbed a ticket, and got back in the car. He then mumbled something under his breath about Uber and shuttle service for short fares.

I asked him if everything was okay, and he said yes. I think he started to feel bad about his visible reaction to my fare and as I asked him questions about how things work I learned a few things.

First of all, he had been waiting for a fare for two hours. My fare was low compared to driving someone into the city, and while the ticket he received allowed him to get back in line sooner, there was still around an hour’s wait for that to happen.

He said to me “This is how the game works, sometimes you get a great fare, and other times you don’t.” I also learned that he owns his own taxi and that it is his own business he operates. He used to drive for Uber but felt that Uber taking 60% of his fare was too much.

So he chose to play this game, instead of developing a better strategy.

A Defined Strategy

Contrast that with another driver who lives in my community in Ormond Beach, who coincidentally drove me to Orlando to catch my flight to Chicago. He has his own vehicle, operates via word of mouth, and regularly takes people to and from the airport.

His strategy is not a wait-and-see “game” but rather a real strategy. He knows there are four airports surrounding us that are anywhere from 30 minutes to a 2-hour drive and that he will be guaranteed a flat fee for any service he completes.

What Makes the Difference

His vehicle is well taken care of, he is polite, personable, friendly, as well as prompt, and helpful in how he serves his customers. He took my bag and put it in his vehicle, and immediately jumped out to grab it when we arrived at the airport. He has assured me he will watch for my incoming flight and be there to pick me up within minutes of my arrival.

This strategy is proven and is not about chance.

Two different people operating the same business. One is allowing fate to determine their outcome, the other is creating a niche, memorable experience that facilitates a ton of word-of-mouth referrals.

When you don’t have a clearly defined strategy, you’re playing a game of chance. When you do, you’re no longer playing a game.

Let’s Talk Strategy

So, if you feel like you’re playing a game instead of operating your business, we should talk and get you a solid strategy. Helping business owners solidify their business and marketing strategy is one of the things I am most passionate about. A client of mine recently shared that a strategy session we did a few months ago has already paid her back 6 figures in new business based on one thing we did. 

You can learn about strategy with me here.


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