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Episode 141

The Retail Revolution with Liza Amlani

Is Your Store Stuck in the Stone Age?

In this episode of She Talks Business, you’ll learn about the dynamics of retail and business innovation with Liza Amlani, the principal and co-founder of Retail Strategy Group. Explore retail, technology, and consumer behavior, and gain valuable advice.

Building Relationships in Marketing

Liza Amlani, with her background in teaching fashion marketing at FIT, shares how important it is to build relationships in marketing. Her approach includes discussions on daily retail headlines and the encouragement of networking, providing a holistic understanding of the industry. Adapting to social media and influencer marketing to enhance customer engagement is a critical consideration in the constant change of retail.

Navigating the Retail Industry

The in-store customer experience has changed because of the impact of technology and social media. Effectively managing your inventory and strategic merchandising are pivotal for success in retail businesses. Adapting to the evolving demands of retail and understanding the role of customer engagement strategies are crucial.

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

For small retail business owners, leveraging data and utilizing affordable cloud-based tools for your sales and inventory management is a vital consideration. When disciplined, you can take bold steps toward success, push boundaries, and think big in your business endeavors.

This episode is packed with a wealth of wisdom. If you embrace change, innovate, and stay true to your beliefs in your business endeavors, you’ll be able to stay determined and push toward success.

What’s in This Episode

  • Impact of social media and influencer marketing on customer engagement
  • Importance of managing inventory effectively
  • Importance of not thinking small as a small retail business owner
  • The significance of planning, leveraging data, and affordable cloud-based tools for small businesses

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The Retail Revolution with Liza Amlani

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Lisa Larter

Founder and CEO of the Lisa Larter Group, master strategist, author, speaker, podcast host, social media expert, consultant, and business coach. Lisa inspires entrepreneurs and business owners to see the possibilities for their organizations when it comes to strategy. She uncomplicates modern marketing and creates (and implements) strategies for businesses that are guaranteed to increase visibility, inbound leads, and revenue.

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