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Episode 154

Stop Underestimating Your True Potential

From Directionless to Navigating Deserts & Frozen Tundra

This might be the best episode we’ve ever done of She Talks Business. I’m stoked to have special guest and old friend Ray Zahab on the show to talk about his incredible transformation from a pack-a-day smoker to an ultra-distance runner and explorer.

We even dive into how he applied the same mindset he had around transforming his life the first time to how he approached battling cancer. 

Who is Ray Zahab? 

Let me tell you a little bit about Ray. He is a Canadian explorer, an ultra-distance runner, and the founder of the nonprofit Impossible to Possible. In addition to being an adventurer, author, youth advocate, and runner, Ray speaks around the world. He has appeared on several talk and news programs and in print media globally. He continues today with life as an adventurer and as a volunteer. With Impossible to Possible, his first race would begin a lifelong journey of discovery and learning that some of the greatest barriers to achieving our goals are the ones we put upon ourselves. By breaking these down, Ray has learned that we are all capable of achieving truly extraordinary things.

The Catalyst 

On the show, I ask Ray what the spark was that inspired him to go from sitting on his couch day after day to believing he could run across the Sahara Desert. Like most of us, Ray saw someone, his brother, who seemed happier and was doing well in his life. Ray wanted to feel good, confident, and passionate just like his brother. He started doing what his brother was doing. He got in shape. Then, he started racing mountain bikes and running. After a few years of trying new things, he started doing and winning ultramarathons. And that’s how he found his sport. 

This idea of wanting what someone else has is something I see all the time with business owners who align themselves with coaches and advisors. The hardest thing to do once you’ve found your role model is to commit to doing what needs to be done to accomplish the same goals. 

Explorer Mindset = Entrepreneurial Mindset

You will be so inspired by our conversations about motivation, resilience, the importance of continuing to learn, and Ray’s views on mindset and limitations. This episode is really, really interesting because we go from Ray overcoming dissatisfaction in his everyday life to learning how to navigate life with cancer and undergoing cancer treatments to the mindset needed to undergo and keep going on an expedition. It’s just really fascinating, inspiring stuff! 

I know you’ll find this episode as incredible as I did, so please give it a listen and then share it with your people! 

What’s in This Episode

  • Ray’s journey from being a pack-a-day smoker to an adventurous ultra-marathon runner
  • Redefining human potential and limitations
  • Ray’s approach to staying active during chemotherapy
  • Importance of remaining humble and open-minded for personal growth
  • The entrepreneurial spirit is believing that with enough time and effort, you will succeed 

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Where To Find Ray

You can find Ray at his website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or X (Twitter)

Learn more about how his philanthropy, impossible2Possible.

Up Next 

Next week, I’ll be sitting and chatting with Richard Citrin.

Stop Underestimating Your True Potential

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