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Episode 104

Soul-Driven Money Management with Kate Northrup

What do mindset and the nervous system have to do with the way you manage your money?

​​“I want to congratulate everyone listening in and encourage you to listen to every single episode with Lisa during this season about money because the act of exposing yourself to a different kind of money conversation than the ones you’ve been around is going to change you.”

These are the words special guest, Kate Northrup spoke before we had even finished recording this episode of She Talks Business—it was that good.

Kate, an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and mother, has built a multimedia digital platform called The Origin Company which reaches hundreds of thousands globally. She’s committed to supporting ambitious women to light up the world without burning themselves out.

Kate teaches data and soul-driven time and energy management practices that result in saving time, making more money, and experiencing less stress. If you’re interested in learning from her for free, join her live workshop called “Plenty” by clicking here.

Tune in as we continue the conversation about money mindsets, the emotions and shame around money, money management, and the nervous system.

You’re about to witness some really powerful dialogue that has the power to change the way you think about and interact with money. Grab your notebook and pen, and let’s dive in.

What’s in This Episode

  • The layers of healing your money mindset
  • The power of sharing financial success stories
  • Money management and the nervous system
  • Ways to break the cycle of poverty and change the trajectory of your life
  • Treating your money with respect
  • Asking yourself, “How?” in front of any money habit you would like to adopt

What To Do Next

  1. Register for Kate Northrup’s free live workshop that will help you release fear and anxiety around money, and replace it with calm, joy, and even pleasure. That means more abundance without all the hustle. Learn more about Plenty here.
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Where to Find Kate Northrup

Up Next

Stay tuned for the next episode of She Talks Business where we will talk about money mindset and why it is NOT your problem. I’m fired up about this episode because I love talking about the numbers in your business and I know this episode will be valuable to you!

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