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Episode 136

Simplify Your Social Media Strategy with Mackenzie St. Laurent

Successful Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs

In the second episode of our season on, The Beginner Mind for Business Essentials, I am being joined, once again, by my niece, a young entrepreneur with a fresh perspective on business. Tune in to hear Mackenzie St. Laurent, who is a wellness counselor specializing in the menstrual cycle, discuss social media marketing from a business perspective, quality content, and effective strategies for new businesses venturing into the digital landscape.

Setting the Foundation

Three critical points for social media success include relationships, “done is better than perfect,” and frequency and consistency. The imperfection of your posts shows the importance of not obsessing over perfection. Instead, focus on meaningful numbers in your business rather than vanity metrics to drive success.

Crafting Engaging Content

Using videos is a great way to engage your audience on Instagram. You have an opportunity to connect with new audiences by being social on social media (that’s what it’s for, right?!). That means commenting, sharing, and tagging others on your platforms and theirs as well. When creating content, you want it to be dynamic and visually appealing, which includes your videos, carousel posts, and accessible captions.

Navigating Personal and Professional Content

Incorporating your personal stories into your business content is crucial, however, you have to maintain a balance between personal and professional content on social media. Adding context through metaphors and personal stories is also a strong strategy for enhancing business content. 

Negotiating Emotional Sensitivity and Building Boundaries

Social media’s impact and ability to expand your reach is impressive. There’s a shift in audiences and communities as they age and begin to go through new phases of life. You also have to be responsible when handling emotional sensitivity and trauma associated with social media and advocate for setting boundaries and routines for your social media usage.

This episode is a fantastic guide for those of you who are looking to learn social media from a business perspective and practical strategies for marketing your business. You’ll gain knowledge and inspiration for navigating the ever-evolving social media and business world.

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What’s in This Episode

  • The importance of incorporating personal stories into business content
  • Using video to engage audiences on Instagram
  • Creating visually appealing and accessible content
  • Maximizing engagement by recycling and resharing content
  • Managing expectations regarding the time it takes to see results

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Simplify Your Social Media Strategy

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