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Episode 153

She CEOs

Women Lead Differently In the Best Way Possible 

Our special guest on She Talks Business this week has had a profound impact on some of the most accomplished female entrepreneurs of our time, guiding them to reach new heights in their businesses. 

We are incredibly lucky to have Kris Plachy on the show,  as she is busy doing so many amazing things and is in such high demand.

She is the founder of The Visionary CEO and hosts the “Leadership is Feminine” podcast. 

Kris has supported powerful women in generating millions of dollars by hiring, leading, and firing hundreds of team members and navigating countless difficult moments, circumstances, and conversations. 

Which Qualities Make the Best Leaders? 

To start the show, we discuss which traits women have that make them exceptional leaders. If you think about it, leaders are usually described as powerful and authoritative with a lot of gravitas, but I want you to think about the leader you’ve admired most in your own experience. 

More than likely, they weren’t the stern, demanding, and commanding figures we picture when we think of leaders. The best leaders cultivate culture; they listen to us, support our efforts, and make us feel motivated and excited to do well. And do you know who excels at creating that kind of environment? Women. 

Define Your Mission, Vision, & Values 

Hiring, firing, and running your team will get infinitely easier once you clearly define your expectations—your mission, vision, and values—within your business. Identifying your values then helps you define each team member’s roles and expected performance. By aligning your team with those qualities and goals, you are aligning yourself and your team for success in achieving your next milestone. 

Your Team Members Are Not Your Allies 

In this episode, we also dive into the challenges women must overcome to lead their teams effectively and to keep their goals in focus. 

These challenges include having difficult conversations with team members who may be underperforming or are no longer the right fit. Another common struggle is women finding allies on their team. 

Discussing your roadblocks with someone for their perspective is important, but your allies are not your employees. Your allies will be mentors and third parties with an outside perspective of your business who, more than likely, have already done what you’re aiming to do. 

I think you’re really going to enjoy this episode! Kris gives you great, actionable tips on how to be more comfortable with difficult conversations and how to approach them with confidence. 

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What’s in This Episode

  • Common challenges faced by women leaders 
  • How to have difficult conversations 
  • The importance of defining your business’s mission, vision, & values 
  • Monetize intellectual property 

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Where To Find Kris

You can find Kris at her website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and on Youtube

Up Next 

Next week, I’ll be sitting and chatting with Ray Zahab.

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