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Episode 139

Selling Is Being Of Service with Mackenzie St. Laurent

Sales Strategies for Service-Based Businesses

This episode of She Talks Business is anything but ordinary. With Mackenzie St. Laurent, you’ll learn about sales strategies, mindsets, and tips that are invaluable. Forget stale pitches and forced smiles—you’ll know what it truly means to excel in sales and service-based businesses.

Agility in Sales

Agility became our watchword. There’s power in adaptability, meeting your clients where they are, and tailoring your approach to their specific needs. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all plans. “Underpromise and overdeliver” should be your core mantra. Give your clients realistic expectations so that you can leave them speechless with your results.

Building Trust Through Understanding

Time spent understanding your client’s needs is always well-spent; it’s the foundation for building trust and lasting relationships. Think of it as a pre-pitch prep session, laying the groundwork for a mutually beneficial collaboration. Speaking of pitches, ditch the pressure of closing deals and embrace “selling as a service.” You will then go from a salesperson into a trusted advisor who goes above and beyond to solve problems and exceed expectations. It’s a mindset shift that fosters genuine connections and will make your customers happy.

Rejection is a Stepping Stone

Rejection? It’s inevitable but not debilitating. Detach yourself from the outcomes and embrace the learning opportunities within each “no.” Every interaction, positive or negative, hones your skills and shapes your approach, propelling you forward.

Your Sales Process

This means that you’ll need structure. Outline your sales process, creating clear steps that flex with each of your clients. It’s about understanding their needs at every turn, ensuring that every interaction moves them closer to their desired outcome.

Asking for the Sale

Ultimately, you’ll have to ask for the sale. You’ve built trust and established expertise to pave the way for confidently closing deals. It’s not about pressure but creating a win-win scenario where everyone walks away feeling empowered and satisfied.

This episode isn’t just about sales; it’s about business, relationships, and the power of understanding and exceeding expectations. So, tune in, share your thoughts, and start making those sales!

What’s in This Episode

  • The importance of adaptability and overdelivering
  • Handling rejection and building rapport
  • Increasing sales conversion rates
  • Structuring service offerings for sales

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Selling Is Being Of Service

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