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Episode 138

Reverse Engineer Your Goals with Mackenzie St. Laurent

Planning, Structure, and Success Metrics

This week on She Talks Business, I’m joined by Mackenzie St. Laurent again to talk about The Beginner Mind Essentials for Business. This episode is all about sharing the secrets to building a thriving business. This episode covers essential aspects such as structuring business activities, setting goals, and sustaining your momentum.

Riding the Wave of New Beginnings

With the new year starting, you have this fresh and energizing energy that you should harness because it can kick-start your business success. There’s a transformative power in setting goals and planning meticulously for the upcoming year. Take the time and harness this energy to create structured planning and effective time management to propel your business forward.

Business Goal Setting

For guaranteed success, reverse engineer your business goals. Break down your revenue targets, establish monthly milestones, and consistently evaluate your progress. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of setting realistic and achievable goals to lay the groundwork for sustainable growth.

Structuring Business Operations

Structure and organize your business operations for optimal functionality. You’ll see positive business interaction by establishing robust business structures, fully understanding your business model, and creating systems to enhance client engagement.

Winning the Customer Game and Sustaining Momentum

Prioritize customer acquisition and steer clear of operational analysis paralysis. In order to acquire and retain clients, nurture your business relationships, and monitor progress toward your sales goals, you must understand the cyclical nature of sales and develop an adaptive mindset needed to overcome challenges.

Marketing and Personal Connections

Allocating time for networking events, leveraging various strategies to maintain business visibility, and articulating your business vision is crucial. There’s nothing more significant than networking and building personal connections. However, remember to establish boundaries for yourself to prevent burnout.

With these insights, you can seize the opportunity to implement strategies and pave the way for a year of unprecedented success and fulfillment in your business endeavors. Here’s to conquering the world of business with a beginner mindset!

What’s in This Episode

  • Reverse engineering business goals for the year
  • The importance of business structure and understanding the business model
  • Prioritizing acquiring customers when starting a business
  • Structuring time and regularly attending networking events

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Up Next

Next week we’ll be continuing The Beginner Mind Essentials for Business season!


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