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Episode 149

Public Speaking and Media Mastery With Kathryn Janick

Strategies for Powerful Communication

This week’s special guest, Kathryn Janicek, helps people overcome something many of us fear more than death – public speaking.

I loved this conversation because she shared so many valuable tips to improve in so many speaking scenarios, including presentations, interviews, and meetings – so much more than just speaking on a stage. 

After being laid off by a network when she was working as their VP of News, Kathryn leveraged her expertise in coaching news personnel and pivoted to create a niche for herself. Today, she has found great success in media training and public speaking coaching for professionals.

Kathryn is a three-time Emmy award-winning media and public speaking trainer with over 25 years of experience. She has shaped the communication and presentation skills of executives across diverse industries, from small businesses to a hundred billion dollar companies.

Kathryn’s company, Janicek Performance Group, specializes in media interactions, board presentations, high-stakes communications, stage presence, and impactful messaging. 

In this episode, we talk about what it takes to overcome your fear of speaking, how to eliminate filler words, and how to self-coach yourself to show up and present better on stage or Zoom.

We learn that professionalism is about more than the substance of our work. It’s also about how we present our ideas, negotiate at the table, and build supportive networks. 

Kathryn believes in the power of a compelling narrative, whether you’re in front of a camera or addressing a boardroom. Her personalized coaching sessions help clients master the art of storytelling and the nuances of effective communication that resonate with their audience.

Feel Your Best to Perform Your Best 

Something as simple as ensuring you wear comfortable clothes and shoes can make a dramatic difference in your performance and presentation. When you feel good and confident in clothes that fit or know your makeup or hair was done by a professional, it is worth the extra money or effort because it will show in your delivery and presentation. 

Scaling Your Business with Sustainable Growth 

Scaling a service-based company isn’t just about increasing client numbers; it’s about creating a business model that generates a steady source of income, even in the owner’s absence. 

Kathryn shares her wisdom on structuring services, ensuring client retention, and focusing on monthly recurring revenue.

Enhancing Communication Skills 

Kathryn insists that self-awareness, pausing effectively, and eliminating unnecessary filler words can significantly improve one’s public speaking endeavors.

This was a fun episode to record, and I can’t wait to have Kathryn back! She left us with incredible, actionable advice that any of us can implement to improve our presence when addressing audiences in a one-on-one or one-to-many setting. Thanks for listening! 

What’s in This Episode

  • Tips for improving stage presence and effective messaging
  • The impact of societal expectations on women’s stage appearance
  • Strategies for addressing common speaking issues like posture and filler words
  • Scaling a service-based business through diverse service offerings

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Where To Find Kathryn

You can find Katherine at her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Youtube.

Up Next 

Next week, I’ll be sitting and chatting with Tracy Litt! 

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