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Episode 150

Mind Magic, Not Woo with Tracy Litt

Energy & Emotional Wellness in Your Business 

Let’s sit down with Tracy Litt, a renowned teacher of science and spirituality and the founder of The School of Becoming

In this episode, we’re talking about science and spirituality on a business podcast because I believe the more connected to yourself you become, the more work you do on yourself, and the better you become as an entrepreneur, business owner, and leader.

Tracy is an international bestselling author, podcast host, and emotional healing healer. She holds her license in professional coaching, neurology, somatics, and hypnotherapy. Her institute, the School of Becoming, integrates consciousness, neuroscience, healing, and energetics to help students evolve into the next-level version of themselves. 

From Victim to Victor

Tracy describes her journey as going from completely asleep as a single mother on food stamps to completely awake as the CEO of her own personal growth company, which helps individuals along the same journey. 

Tracy evolved significantly—from perceiving herself as a victim of her circumstances to fully embracing personal responsibility. This shift played a pivotal role in changing her life trajectory and shaping her methodology, which she now shares with countless individuals seeking personal and professional growth.

You are not your mind.

A crucial aspect of Tracy’s teachings is the emphasis on listening to the body. She eloquently discusses the mind-body connection and urges us to be attentive to the physical manifestations of our emotional states. 

By advocating for a mentality that relies on both cognitive understanding and somatic experiences, she provides a holistic approach to overcoming anxiety, depression, and burnout.

Shift Your Mindset & Feel Your Emotions

Tracy presents four tactical recommendations to nurture professional growth, which can help individuals shift states and foster personal development. These include engaging in regular breathing exercises, creating space for processing emotions, embracing gratitude and mindfulness, and relying on spiritual support. 

Her advice is actionable and grounded in a pragmatic understanding of the challenges faced by professionals today.

Remove “Woo” from Your Vernacular 

We discuss the often-derogatory label of “woo,” and Tracy urges for a more inclusive understanding that brings together scientific evidence and spiritual practices. This merger is not about esoteric beliefs but about understanding the role of energy and the universe in our everyday lives—redefining the essence of existence as spirit in human form. 

Feel, Process, and Evolve

Tracy stresses the importance of acknowledging and truly feeling your emotions in order for them to guide us through our personal evolution. This emotional processing is critical to dealing with the increasing rates of anxiety and depression in society. 

The Power of Intentional Evolution 

Tracy emphasized the concept of intentional evolution—the idea that we can rewire our brains to influence our future, countering the belief that past performance predicts future outcomes. This empowering perspective gives us the agency to evolve our habits and practices to change the trajectory of our lives.

Let Go of Control and Trust the Journey 

When asked about her journey from financial struggles to success, she highlighted that while trusting alone won’t solve all problems, it opens one up to possibilities, inviting cumulative gains and new opportunities. 

Tracy is a light in this world. You can feel her passion and her knowledge come through in this episode. The journey towards personal and professional growth is complex but attainable. I really enjoyed having her on my show this week, and I can’t wait to see how you like it! 

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What’s in This Episode

  • Tracy Litt’s personal journey from victimhood to empowerment
  • The significance of tuning into the body’s signals over mental chatter
  • Four tactical approaches to improve growth and handle anxiety, depression, and burnout
  • Exploring the integration of emotions in achieving personal growth
  • The negative impact of technology and distractions on mental well-being 

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Where To Find Tracy

You can find Tracy at her website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube

You can find her Ascension Assessment here. 

Up Next 

Next week, I’ll be sitting and chatting with Annie Wright.

Books Mentioned in This Episode

Grab a copy of Tracy’s book, Worthy Human

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