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Episode 156

Mental Agility at Any Age

Be The Best You Can Be

Joining us this week on She Talks Business is a very special guest, Phil Holberton. He is an incredible example of how mental agility can help you overcome some of the biggest physical and mental challenges you face in life. 

With many decades of specialized expertise in strategic planning, business development, operations, and executive coaching for senior executives, business owners, and CEOs, he has consistently stayed at the forefront of his field. He has successfully guided and developed senior management teams in various companies, a testament to his ability to drive organizational growth and success through effective leadership. 

Stop Comparing Yourself

After suffering from a massive seizure, Phil shares with us how he grew the most in his own mental agility. He went from doing basic stretches and needing help getting up and down from the floor in the gym to doing 90-pound weighted goblet squats in just five years. 

His physical shape now is in the top one-half of 1% of people his age, but the way Phil achieved that is not by aiming to be in the top 1% but by focusing on being the healthiest version of himself he can be. 

3 Steps to Better Mental Agility 

Phil believes mental agility is preparing yourself to be the best you can be. You’re setting yourself up to live your life well and handle whatever is thrown at you. 

There are 3 things he does to be on his A-game: get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise. 

Be Who You Want To Be 

Habits and routines set you up for success and get you ready to face the day, but they also help you become who you want to be. 

Mental agility is about mindset and how you react to different challenges and situations. Prepare yourself by adopting healthy habits for your body, and you’ll achieve the mental agility you want in your mind. 

We have a great discussion where we focus on continuing to learn and being open and vulnerable to grow as a leader and as a person. I know you’ll find some great inspiration and takeaways from this episode, so be sure to share it on social media or with a friend! 

What’s in This Episode

  • Managing sleep, diet, and exercise for mental agility
  • Commitment to continuous learning and personal development
  • Benefits of openness and vulnerability in peer groups
  • Impact of personal attributes on leadership and performance
  • Promotion of Positive Company Culture 

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Where To Find Phil 

You can find Phil at his website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter)

Watch Phil doing ten 90-pound goblet squats here!

Mental Agility at any age with Phil Holberton

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