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Episode 130

Learning from Successful Individuals with Michelle Weger

Leadership, Communication, and Overcoming Self-Sabotage

In this week’s episode of She Talks Business, I am being interviewed by my mentee of 5 years, Michelle Weger. She is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to her craft and has built a rapidly growing, multi-six-figure website development and business process automation company.

In this conversation, you’ll hear Michelle share the valuable lessons she’s learned working with me along the way that I know will be relevant and valuable for you too.

The Essence of Leadership

When you’re in a leadership role, there’s a critical lesson to learn, and that is tailoring your leadership approach to different individuals on your team and how they respond. Some may need a gentler hand while others need you to be more straightforward. Adjusting your approach is going to get the results much faster. If you are nurturing strong relationships that facilitate effective feedback, you’ll find yourself working with honest, action-oriented individuals who exhibit gratitude and generosity.

Strategies for Unwavering Focus and Productivity

One challenge of being an entrepreneur is maintaining your focus. This is why it’s essential to create counter behaviors to combat distractions and increase your focus. Try techniques like disconnecting from devices, practicing mindfulness, and setting intentional routines. You’ll find creating space for reflection and behavior assessment will enhance your productivity.

Conquering Fear and Self-Sabotage

Once you learn how to face your fears and be brave, you’ll find it’s easier to achieve success. There are many self-sabotaging behaviors you hold that stem from fear, distractions, disorganization, and lack of discipline. In order for you to overcome your self-sabotage, seek advice from your advisers and learn from other successful individuals.

Cultivating Confidence and Mastering Communication

When you are building your business you have to learn how to sell, tune up your communication, and your listening skills in order to see the results you want. Build your own self-assurance by initiating conversations with strangers, nurturing relationships, and engaging in networking events. Some practical tips for you to enhance your confidence could be through mentorship and other role models.

In the world of business, effective leadership, conquering self-sabotage, and nurturing confidence are key for you to succeed.

What’s in This Episode

  • Effective leadership and building relationships
  • The importance of feedback and compliment acceptance
  • Overcoming distractions and creating focus behaviors
  • Trusting advisers and learning from others’ success

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Learning from Successful Individuals with Michelle Weger

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