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Like hundreds of other business owners and entrepreneurs, Debbie Peck chose to join The Pilot Project in 2013 with a focus on building and growing her business.

Debbie is the owner of Crush Marketing Group and her vision is to bring people from around the world together through the power of Social Media. She has been managing businesses, both hers and others’, for more than 13 years and has a true passion for teach and inspiring others.

These qualities and more shone through during Debbie’s time in The Pilot Project and her input was invaluable to others in the community. Because of her passion and enthusiasm for the program, I wanted to find out just exactly how The Pilot Project had impacted her and her business and how she thought it could help others.

This is what Debbie had to say:

Why did you decide to participate in The Pilot Project?

“I believe in ongoing education to always better myself. Although I have been marketing online for over 13 years, I didn’t have a solid business plan. I had just sort of “fallen into” making some money because of the skills I had developed, but it was sporadic and unplanned. The Pilot Project promised to help me put systems in place and get my business on track to grow. When I first heard about it, I almost thought it was too good to be true because it offered to help organize my randomness into a real business using solid business strategies. It worked.”

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What was the biggest benefit to your business from participating in this program?

“The biggest benefit was getting myself organized. Even though I had my skill set, that didn’t mean I had a business. What I had was a hobby. The Pilot Project starts from ground zero to show you where you are and helps build a plan to get you where you want to be. I also made great friendships in the Facebook group. That was a huge benefit. Because of stepping up and being more organized and business-like, I managed to secure some bigger contracts. I am now a going-concern, viable business. Truly awesome!”


Who do you think this program can help the most?

debbie-peck-lisa-larter-pilot-project“The Pilot Project is perfect for any business owner who is still struggling to get their business off the ground, whether they are brand new or whether they have been around for a while like myself. Unless you have systems in place, you will always flounder. The Pilot Project allows you to build your own blueprint and keeps you accountable with the Facebook group.

It is also for businesses that have been around for a while but need that extra boost to figure out how to take the next leap forward. You really step back and take an objective look at everything and there are so many tools provided to help you put a solid plan in place to take your business to the next level.”

Can you describe the learning style of The Pilot Project and what resonated the most with you?

“I loved the simple, easy to follow logical steps. Each lesson was delivered by email, easy to read and always on time. The lessons all build upon each other so that at the end you had a plan. The Facebook group was my favorite because people constantly supported each other. I don’t know why we all think we are alone sometimes when we are doing something, but the Facebook people taught me that we all have the same struggles, no matter what type of business we are in. We all helped each other out and contributed and celebrated each other’s successes. I also liked that we had homework. This is not a course where we were just given information – it is very interactive and you are expected to participate using your own business information and ideas.”


How important do you think the information is for business owners and why? 

“It identifies key areas where you need more help and then gives you the tools to help you take your business where you want it to be. When we work in our own businesses, we are often too close to see things that need help. Every business needs to explore outside help to not only grow, but thrive. It gives businesses that “edge up” that they need to move forward.”

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There are a LOT of programs out there, can you describe what makes this one different to help other people with their own selection process from your point of view?

The Pilot Project provides a foundational base that you can build your business on. If you build something on sand, it will not be stable, but if you build it on bricks with rebar, it will be around for a long time. TPP is your bricks and rebar and it is so simple and easy to follow. It is not like those long, hard to follow courses that you get frustrated with and stop doing because they take too much time. I found it easy to incorporate the lessons into my everyday business life and there was always help in the Facebook page or by email. Lisa Larter is always around and willing to help and share her experiences and knowledge. She is a genuinely lovely person that has been through the business-building process herself and is not someone just looking to get rich quick by selling courses. She has been there in the trenches and shares not only the success she has had, but the struggles that came with it.”


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