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How to Turn Learning into Action

Attending Events with a Group

This past weekend, I hosted my own event and bolted it onto John Maxwell’s Day to Grow event in Orlando, Florida.

Several clients joined me, some flying in from Canada to attend this event.

Here’s what I know from doing so many of these events:

  1. Going to a large event by yourself can feel super intimidating. When you go with a group of people, you immediately overcome that intimidation factor, making it easier for you not only to meet other people but also to feel comfortable in your learning experience.
  2. When you then spend two subsequent days sharing your learning, the real magic occurs. Most people go to an event, rush home, and never think about or implement what they have learned.

Post-Event Discussions

We learned from Tim Storey, one of the speakers, that there are three ways to learn: education, conversation, and observation.

What we learned as a group when we discussed our takeaway from each speaker is that everyone had a different perspective and often a completely different understanding of the speaker’s message.

This allowed for rich conversation between individuals to explain their viewpoints, allowing for growth for all. In addition to sharing what was learned, we took time to identify one action that could be taken as a result of that learning.

From Attendee to Action Taker

This is how you go from being an attendee to someone who is activating your learning. If you never activate your learning, you never take action.

One of our speakers was Jamie Kern Lima, who sold her company for 1.2B and recently wrote the book Worthy. She says when you double your self-worth, you can double your net worth.

Double Your Worth, Double Your Net Worth?

In my experience, I have seen far too many people who are afraid to invest in themselves to further both of these things. I believe one of the ways to double your self-worth, your self-confidence, your net worth, and your network is to attend rich experiences like this, where you forge strong relationships with like-minded people who see you not only for who you are but for the potential you have inside of you that may not have been awakened yet.

I am considering hosting another one of these events in August here in Florida. If you’d like to attend, send me a message at and let me know.

Get Out of the People Pile!

I will leave you with one final thought that John Maxwell shared with us.

Get out of the people pile. Most people are in the people pile, which is filled with average people doing average things. If you know deep down inside that you’re capable of more than average, then an experience like this immediately takes you out of the people pile.

John shared several things you can ask, be, and do to get out of the people pile. I will share those with you next week.


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