How to Close the Sale


Does closing the sale make you sweat?

Most people in business are uncomfortable when it comes to asking for money and they don’t even realize that they are basically turning away customers who are ready to buy.

So, here’s my question – Are you seeding insecurity in your customers and telling them not to buy from you?

By not asking for the sale because it makes you uncomfortable, you make the customer doubt you.

Remember – Building Rapport is the Key to more sales

We talked about this in an earlier video (click here to watch) and it’s something we go into great detail on in The Sales Pilot. Basically, the lesson is:

Selling isn’t about you, it’s about THEM. <— Click to Tweet

When you focus on understanding your customer and their needs, you will gather the information you need to show them “What’s In It for Them”.

By doing this and tying your product or service to their needs, closing the sale becomes super easy!

This Shop Talk Video will help you learn how to make closing the sale all about your customer and not about you. Check it out then share with me in the comments: “What closing line works best for you?”




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  1. Excellent, Lisa! So many struggle with this. I love how you give a few suggestions as to what one can say.. This is very helpful! But then, I love your Shop Talk videos!

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