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Episode 158

Go for Magical, Never Transactional: Plan World-Class Events with Giovanni Marsico

Exponentially Increase Your Impact with Genuine Connections 

Welcome back to She Talks Business! Today, we are sitting down with someone I look up to so much, Giovanni Marsico. 

I’ve been attending his event, Archangel Summit, since 2016, and I’m so glad he is joining me today. We have so much to learn from someone who values relationships more than anything, and it’s with this mindset that he has achieved all of his success. 

Giovanni is a two-time Emmy award-winning producer and the CEO and founder of Archangel, a global community of entrepreneurs on a mission to impact millions of people together. As a producer, he’s creating a new genre he calls real-life superhero movies with films like Dreamer and Hero to inspire millions of people to dream bigger, unleash their gifts, and change the world. 

The Secret to a Devoted Community

Giovanni has cultivated a network of high-profile connections who show up for him at his events as speakers and who are loyal to him when he may need to ask a favor in the future. 

The success of these connections never starts with a transaction or with business in mind, but instead, Giovanni views his role with a new individual as,  “How can I help you on your journey?” 

This selfless commitment to their betterment instead of his own results in much deeper connections than a business transaction ever could.

Mitigate Risk Like a Pro 

When Giovanni thinks about his events and working with clients, he doesn’t focus on selling but on a long-term investment in a relationship. He views his events as a journey he takes the audience on, and he aims to create an experience so awesome and valuable that people can’t wait to come to the next one. When working with clients, he wants the experience to be so amazing his clients continue to work with him. 

We cover a lot of different topics from identity, confidence, mitigating risks, and how to cultivate deep relationships. Giovanni offers such valuable insights, so I can’t wait to hear what you get out of this episode. 

If you’re interested in attending Giovanni’s event, Archangel, with me in September, 2024, and want to amplify your learning, reach out by emailing I can’t wait to get back to this event and see what Giovanni has planned for this year! 

What’s in This Episode

  • Network by investing in relationships without keeping score
  • Importance of surrounding oneself with the right people
  • Focus on creating an experience with your event, not traditional hard-sell tactics
  • Overcoming criticism and embracing new roles 

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Where To Find Giovanni 

You can find Giovanni at his website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and X (Twitter).

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