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Episode 117

From Prospects to Profits with Alan Weiss

Find Your Ideal Buyer

In business, finding and targeting the right customers is crucial for your business profits. Many business owners find it to be a challenge to identify their ideal buyer. Today, we will explore the concept of finding the ideal buyer and talk about strategies to help you attract high-value customers.

The Sentient Strategy:

One approach to identifying the ideal buyer is through “Sentient Strategy”, as discussed by Alan Weiss. This strategy involves looking at future buyers from two dimensions: their changing and growing nature, and external market factors such as technology and demographics.
When you evaluate these dimensions, you can make informed business decisions about which buyers to target.

Targeting & Attracting High-Value Buyers:

You should also adjust your marketing materials and persona when targeting larger markets. Understanding what the ideal buyer reads, listens to, and interacts with is crucial for getting on their radar screens. Rather than solely chasing money, it is important to focus on attracting high-value buyers who align with your business goals.

Addressing Issues & Shedding Clients:

Business relationships are not always smooth sailing. It is essential to address issues and make necessary changes to ensure you have successful transactions. Sometimes, a difficult buyer may bring in significant revenue, but if they are unwilling to adapt, it may be necessary for you to end the business relationship. As business needs change, it is important to shed clients who are cutting into your profits, are no longer appropriate, and find new ones.

Finding your ideal buyer is a key factor in achieving success in your business. When you implement strategies like the “Sentient Strategy”, targeting high-value buyers, and addressing issues with clients, you can position your business for growth and profitability. It’s not selfish to shed clients who are no longer a good fit—it’s about protecting the integrity of your business. Focus on attracting those who genuinely want assistance and are willing to invest in your value. Start prioritizing your ideal buyer today and watch your business profits prosper.

If you’re eager to learn more, check out my book, Masterful Marketing, co-written with Alan Weiss.

What’s in This Episode

  • How to choose the right buyer
  • Moving to a new market
  • Knowing what questions to ask
  • How not to be all things to all people
  • Knowing who the wrong buyer is

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From Prospects To Profits with Alan Weiss

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