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Episode 99

For the Love of Reading with Patti DeNucci

How books will shape you as a person and entrepreneur 

This week, I am joined by a very special guest—someone I have called a friend and a colleague since 2008. Tune in to Episode 99 to hear immense wisdom and valuable insights from none other than Patti DeNucci.

Patti is the author of two books, including the award-winning success guide, The Intentional Networker, and her latest release, More Than Just Talk

She is a speaker, workshop facilitator, and consultant, having helped organizations like Microsoft, MGM Resorts, and Hewlett-Packard learn how to attract and enjoy more meaningful conversations and connections. 

She believes in the power of quality conversations and connections over the number of people one knows.

In this value-packed episode of She Talks Business, Patti shares how reading has shaped her into who she is today. She recommends becoming a better listener and highlights how being an avid reader can contribute to overall success.

Reading can help develop critical thinking skills, broaden perspectives, and improve communication abilities, so if you’re looking to recover your sense of power and expand your knowledge, this week is full of essential reading to guide you to success. 

What’s in This Episode

  • Best reading habits
  • How morning pages can help start your day 
  • Recovering your sense of power through reading 
  • Creating learning experiences
  • Writing habits that helped Patti write a book 
  • Becoming a better listener 
  • How being an avid reader can make you a more successful person

Where to Find Patti DeNucci

You can connect with Patti on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or her website. And, don’t forget to check her free offer here!

What To Do Next

  1. Join  Thought Readers, my business book club, and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs.
  2. Join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn and share your insights from the show.

Up Next

Next week, we reach an exciting milestone! For our 100th episode of She Talks Business, I will be joined by special guest, Margy Feldhuhn.

Books Mentioned in This Episode

Patti DeNucci

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