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Episode 94

Finding Perspective with Michael Devers

The path of self-education through reading

This week, in episode 94, I am joined by Michael Devers, a multi-passionate entrepreneur who advises leaders, executives, and business owners on how to prepare to navigate through any crisis expertly. 

Among his many talents and areas of expertise, Michael has successfully executed strategies to reduce customer concentration from 90% to below 30%, and developed compliance programs, IT infrastructure programs, EH&S programs, and more. 

Much like myself, Michael has been an avid reader since he was 3 years old. In this conversation, he shares how as he progressed through life, he realized the true value books could offer. 

Press play to hear him speak about the top books that have made a difference throughout his life. Are you ready to follow us down the path of self-education and grow your success as a business owner and entrepreneur?

What’s in This Episode

  • The impact reading can have on your professional life
  • The business side of the music industry
  • Resetting your perspective 
  • Finding time to read vs. making time to read
  • The power of books

What To Do Next

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Where to Find Michael Devers 

You can connect with Michael on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or his website. And, don’t forget to check him out on Twitter and Youtube

Up Next

Next week for episode 95, Lisa shares four books to help you conquer going from an entrepreneur to a leader.

Books Mentioned in This Episode

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