Where Are Your Facebook Page Invites

Where Are Your Facebook Page Invites?

Are you missing your Facebook page invites? What’s happened to the content from all those pages you’ve chosen to follow?

Facebook is constantly changing things up and making it difficult for us to find the things that matter.

It can leave you wondering how to find and reconnect with the pages that matter to you.

Where did all those Facebook page invites go that you haven’t had a chance to review and approve?

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Those Facebook page invites haven’t disappeared, in fact, they’re together in one spot with the feeds from the pages you follow and they’re really easy to find.

Choose Wisely

Although the ever-shifting landscape of Facebook can be disconcerting – even frustrating – they actually do a really good job of keeping things pretty intuitive. If you go to Facebook.com/pages, you will see that there are three options at the top of that page for you. One is a list of recommended pages that Facebook thinks you should like. Two is a list of where all your page invites are hiding. Three is all the pages that you’ve already liked. The fourth item to be found here is a list of all of the pages where you have some level of admin or editing privileges.

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If you want your Facebook experience to be a good one, you need to make conscious choices about the pages you like and engage with on Facebook. Click on the invitation tab and take a look at those page invites. Decide which ones do you want to accept. Don’t just accept them all – be discerning and choose to accept only the invites to the pages that are relevant to you and that you want to engage with or hear from on a regular basis. There is a small grey X in the upper right corner of each suggested page – click that to refuse the invitation. Click on the “thumbs up” to like the page.

Facebook Page Invites Screen Capture

Audit Your Existing Facebook Page Likes

When you’ve been on Facebook for years you may find that you have liked a lot of pages that eventually become irrelevant to you, or the business has closed, or the organization has disbanded – whatever the reason – we end up with pages that we should probably now unlike. To audit the list of pages that you like, you need to click on the tab that shows you where all the pages you like are. Look at that list and ask yourself, “Do I really like this page? Do I really want to be connected to this page?” If you decide you do, you need to do hop on over to that page, click the tiny dropdown arrow right next to the like button and decide if you want that page to show up in your news feed ,and whether or not you want notifications when that page posts.

Facebook sometimes plays hide-and-seek with the information we want to see. Share on X

You can see the example of how to do this on my Facebook page in the image below. If you choose “See first” and “All on”, you’ll always be up-to-date on what’s going on with what I publish on Facebook.

Facebook Page Invites Screen Capture

Don’t forget to remind your own Facebook page followers how they can make sure to receive notifications and see the wonderful things you post on your page.

Why Does This Matter?

It matters because you like those pages and you want to know what’s going on with those businesses, you need to tweak a few things so that Facebook will let you know when those pages are sharing content. The Facebook algorithm feeds you what it thinks you want to know. If you really don’t care about a particular page or its subject matter, why bother liking the page? You might as well take the time and unlike the page so that that’s not clogging up your news feed. Every time you do little housekeeping things like this on Facebook you’re customizing your experience, and Facebook will respond by adjusting your news feed.

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Take a moment. Go take a look at your Facebook page invites and likes and then come back and leave me a comment. Let me know what kind of housekeeping you did, and if you found my page and whether or not you set it to receive notifications. Or, if you have a question about another Facebook topic leave a comment about that too – I’m always looking for ideas for Shop Talk videos that you’ll find helpful.


12 thoughts on “Where Are Your Facebook Page Invites?”

  1. I was looking for an invite I knew I received but had no idea where to look to pull it back up. Found it with the info your post suggested! Thanks Lisa for the helpful information.

  2. Sometimes I find Facebook so confusing. For example I offer ghost tours and posted one recently and its gone viral But I keep getting these messages from Facebook that say So and so has shared your post, Help them see more posts by inviting them to like your page. To the far left is a little box I can check, and in the far right upper corner are two boxes I can click one that I’ve read the message and the other I haven’t read the message. But I don’t see anything that helps me invite this person, (Who isn’t a friend) to “Like” my post, or my page. To the left is a section which shows my friends on a list about 5 at a time and to the right of that little blue invite buttons, which I often click. But how can I invite New people who’ve come to my page to Like the page? Or is that even possible?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Michael – you can invite those who have liked specific posts that you’ve posted via your page to like your Page (that are not your friend). In order to do this, you need to to your Facebook Page navigation and work from there. Use the “Help” tab to write any questions you have. When I typed in your question, here’s the answer I got from Facebook Help, directly:

      “To invite people who react to your Page’s posts:
      1. Go to one of your Page’s posts.
      2. Click the reactions section of your Page’s post. This will show who has reacted to your Page’s post.
      3. Next to a person’s name, click Invite to invite the person to like your Page.”

      Hope this helps. All the best.

  3. HI there, I have a further question to Michael’s above. Do you know if we can edit the invitation that goes out? e.g. make it more personalized?

  4. LIsa, Someone asked me why I invited them to genealogy group. I don’t remember inviting her and not I am wondering who else I may have invited. Is there someplace on facebook I can see all the invitations I have sent.

  5. Lisa I was recently sent an invitation to be an admin for a fb page. I never received an invitation and when the current admin goes on the page it shows me with “pending” beside my name. I’m not sure why I’m not getting an invite or how to accept the invite since I am not seeing it where you are saying to look. Can you help? Thanks!

    1. Hi Carrie! I’m glad you asked! Invitations to become an admin are different than a regular page invite. When you are invited to become an admin of a page, the invite should show up as a notification in the notifications tab. If you scroll back through your notifications and still can’t find it, I recommend the current admin try to revoke the invitation and resend it! Hope that helps!

  6. Thank you very much, I couldn’t find the facebook’s site where I can see the people invite me to like their sites, Facebook usually change, so it make it difficult. Thank you very much for creating quality content (and sorry for my English)

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