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Episode 86

Investing in Transformational Outcomes with Gene Moran

Knowing when a trusted advisor can help you and your business grow

This week’s guest is a dear friend and colleague and client of mine.

Gene Moran, founder and President of Capitol Integration, is the foremost expert on federal defense and security lobbying, measuring his client results in billions of dollars.

Gene’s policy initiatives have been implemented by Congress, The President, and the Executive branch. His pursuit of innovation has garnered multiple accolades, including being named twice as a Top Lobbyist by the National Institute for Lobbying and Ethics. Gene’s groundbreaking academic research earned him a Ph.D. in Public Policy & Administration.

He is a published author and previously served his country for 24 years before retiring as a Navy Captain. He is one of the nicest, most impressive individuals I know.

Gene Moran works with companies that are trying to sell to the Federal Government. He is a big believer in investing in transformational outcomes for his clients and himself.

In this week’s episode, you’ll get to listen in on a powerful conversation about how your services can make a significant impact in the life of someone else.

What’s in This Episode

  • The right time to  find a coach or advisor
  • How to know when a client needs your services 
  • How to get powerful and transformational outcomes for your business
  • Knowing what your next move should be 
  • How to make the right  investment in your business
  • And of course, we talk about the linkage between marketing and sales

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Where to Find Gene Moran

Up Next

Next week for episode 87, I will be sharing with you all the patterns that will help lead you to success.

Books Mentioned in This Episode

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