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Episode 81

Gaining Momentum with Michelle Weger & Nabil Ould-Brahim

Are you looking for a quantum leap?

This week, we welcome our first guests to the Coach’s Corner season, Michelle Weger and Nabil Ould-Brahim. They are masters in automation, websites, and coding—and not only are they people that I coach, they actually provide some of their services to my clients. 

Michelle and Nabil took a large leap of faith when it came to their business and being a couple that works together. They know firsthand that doing what makes you uncomfortable is the only way you will really get to see the change you desire and how that discomfort allowed them to grow their business by 15x. 

They are successful business owners and also dabble in the world of dogs! Michelle, Nabil, and their Great Danes participate in dog shows competitively—tune into this week’s episode to hear an amazing story about this! They share fantastic insights and advice about what it truly means to be coachable and how it can be the “make it or break it” of being a successful business owner!

What’s in This Episode

  • What your business should be bringing you 
  • The timing of investing
  • How coaching can change your revenue if done right
  • What it means to put in the work
  • How coaching isn’t just a magic pill for your business

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Where to Find Michelle and Nabil

You can connect with Nabil and Michelle on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or their website. And, don’t forget to check out this free offer!

Up Next

Next week in episode 82, Stephanie Rainey joins us. Stephanie is a seasoned business owner who helps businesses build their dream team. 

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